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Creating excellent Physical and Logical Topologies with one of the best Networking Simulators
  • Make Sure to watch the EVE-NG Basics course from Orhan Ergun LLC before starting this one.
  • EVE-NG Pro vs Community
  • Providing Internet Access using MGMT-Cloud and NAT Network Objects
  • Using EVE-NG Cloud Network Object
  • Using PNG Pictures inside a Lab
  • Using Line Objects to show Logical Connections
  • Expanding the Disk Size of EVE-NG
  • Creating Lab Tasks with Tabs
  • Adding a Workbook to the Lab
  • Adding Custom Device icons to make more understandable Labs
  • Adding Custom Device Template and Images to the EVE-NG
  • Downloading and Adding a Cisco Router from Cisco Website
  • Converting a vmware VM to EVE-NG Node
  • Adding a Disk and CDROM to the EVE nodes
  • Using SecureCRT as the Telnet Client and Cisco Highlighting
  • Native, HTML5 and HTML5 Desktop Login Options and Docker Nodes
  • Taking a Full Backup From EVE-NG
  • Playing with Link Qualities (SLA)
  • Playing with Startup Configs and Config Sets
  • Adding the CCIE Lab Exam Linux VM to EVE-NG
  • Nexus Switches and XRv9000 IOS XR Router on EVE-NG and AMD CPU Tips
  • How to Create and Install a Custom Windows Node Inside the EVE-NG
  • Step By Step to Design a Lab like a Pro