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Mon, 19-Sep-2022
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04:09:11 Hours
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  • Willing to Learn
  • Remediate outbreak events based on log and report analysis
  • Identify FortiSandbox architecture and key components
  • Identify the appropriate network topology requirements
  • Configure FortiSandbox
  • Monitor FortiSandbox operation
  • Configure FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiWeb, and FortiClient integration with FortiSandbox
  • Identify the role of machine learning in preventing zero-day attacks and advanced threats
  • Configure machine learning on FortiWeb
  • Analyze attack logs from the machine learning system
  • Troubleshoot FortiSandbox
  • Perform analysis of outbreak events
  • Identify the role of FortiSandbox in the ATP framework
  • Identify how ATP works to break the kill chain
  • Identify appropriate applications for sandboxing
  • Identify the potentially vulnerable entry points in an Enterprise network
  • Understand the anatomy of an attack—the kill chain
  • Identify threat actors and their motivations
  • Identify different types of cyberattacks