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Short description
  • Familiarity with the Routing and Switching
  • MPLS Use Cases
  • SP, DC and WAN Network MPLS Deployment
  • Designing Networks with MPLS
  • The course contains detailed information about Network Interconnection where a real network creates a neighborship between them.
  • Labeling protocols LDP, RSVP, RFC 3107 – BGP LU and Segment Routing from Control Plane and Data Plane Perspectives
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering with RSVP and Segment Routing
  • Fast Convergence and Fast Reroute are explained in so much detail
  • LFA, rLFA , TI-LFA , RSVP FRR, Link Protection and Node Protection as a Local Protection Mechanisms and Path Protection are covered in detail
  • Seamless MPLS/Unified MPLS are commonly used mechanisms in the Service Provider Networks, both in Mobile and Fixed Based services.
  • Seamless MPLS explained from a design and operation perspective and lab demonstration can be found in this course too
  • outline. Carrier Supporting Carrier is used to connect different parts of the Service Provider Networks over other Provider Networks
  • There are many considerations with CSC, such as running MPLS in VRF and Label stack depth are some of them, it is the topic of this course as well
  • There is much other detailed information that will be found in this course, such as MPLS-BGP, MPLS-IGP interactions, VPN and IP Services Co-existence
  • Blackhole avoidance with IGP-LDP Synch and LDP Session Protection, and many others