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Tue, 24-Jan-2023
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36:08:46 Hours
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  • Basic IP and security knowledge is nice to have.
  • Students need to understand basic networking.
  • Students needs to understand Networking Fundamentals.
  • Configure and Manage Palto Alto Firewall
  • How to setup a Lab Environment
  • Understand Palo Alto Firewalls Security Policies
  • Understand User ID Integration
  • Configure Captive Portal to authenticate users
  • Configure AntiSpyware, Antivirus and IPS
  • Understand Palo Alto Firewalls Deployment Methods
  • Understand how to deploy Palo Alto Firewalls in GNS3 & EVE NG
  • Understand Palo Alto Firewalls NAT configuration
  • Configure user ID integration using User ID Agent
  • Understand AntiSpyware, AntiVirus, IPS configuration
  • Configuring SSL Decryption