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Different wordings for the same definition/meaning in Networking

In computer network engineering almost always we use different definitions/wordings to explain same thing. In this post, I will give you some examples, please add whatever else you remember in the comment box below , we can discuss them there.


All below keywords explain the same thing. 


Let’s start with MPLS Cases :

  1. Tunnel Label , Transport Label , Transport Label , Outer Label , Topmost Label , Outmost Label : They all define PE to PE reachability in MPLS network.
  2. Ingress PE , Source PE , Headend PE , Ingress LSR , Edge LSR : Either in MPLS VPN or MPLS Traffic Engineering cases, you can see these keywords and they all define the same thing.
  3. Inner Label, VPN Label , VC (Virtual Circuit) Label , Service Label : They all define same thing which is Layer 2 VPN customer service information.

Inter Domain Routing Cases :

  1. IX (Internet Exchange) , IXP (Internet Exchange Point) , Internet Exchange , Peering Point , Exchange Point
  2. Public Peering Exchange , MLPE (Multi Lateral Peering Exchange) , Public Exchange

IOT Case:

  1. Smart Device, Smart Object , Sensors , Intelligent Object , Smart Things

Routing :

ASBR , IGW (Internet Gateway) , Edge Router , Border Router , Border Gateway, BGP Gateway , Transit Router , They all define the same thing which is a router connecting the AS to the Internet.

As I said , there are so many other examples and let’s discuss them over the comment section.

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