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I discussed some IP Mobility solutions including LISP!

Couple days ago I discussed some IP Mobility solutions, including LISP (Locator Identity Separation Protocol) with the CCDE students.

Basically all IP Mobility solutions work in a similar way. New location of the host Address needs to be learned either via routing system or authoritative server.

Host information is called identity and it can be MAC address or IP address which mean identity doesn’t have to be Layer 2, it can be Layer 3 as well.

In LISP terminology authoritative server is called as Mapping Database. There are two roles of mapping database. Creating a database (Map Server) and answering the LISP queries (Map Resolver). It is very similar to DNS architecture.

It was a random question, I didn’t plan to talk about LISP but basically I answered maybe 20 questions in an hour.

Thus you will not see unfortunately diagrams, topologies and so on but I promise I will share much detailed and clear LISP (Locator Identity Separation Protocol) article and video soon.

You can watch the video from the youtube channel by clicking below link. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, many things are on the way !


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