Interview Service

If you would know whether you are ready before taking the certification exam or a Job Interview, it would be excellent right ?

If you would know your strengths and weaknesses in terms of Network Engineering topics, that would be very valuable.

Imagine that you are going to take CCIE R&S , CCIE SP or CCDE exams and you want to know what exactly your missing points, which technologies you should more focus and study and road map for your study.

Or you are going to attend a technical job interview but you don’t know whether your current knowledge level is enough to pass and if not, what exactly you should study and how long would it take.

With the Interview Service I am exactly going to address this.

I will take you a technical interview; identify your strengths and weaknesses during our interview.

After that in 24 hours you will receive an Interview report.

You will receive below information in the Interview report:

Which technical areas you were good at

Which technical areas you were struggling

Which technical areas you should definitely study more

Which resources you should study for the individual technology

Clear road map for your study plan

So our interview will not only identify your current technical level but also will provide straight to the point study resources.

Also having roadmap for your study based on your interested career path is absolutely very beneficial.

Interviews take around 2 hours and you should contact for available time slots.

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