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As per the latest Mobile Economy Report by GSMA, GSM Association Half of the world’s population now has a mobile subscription—up from just one in five 10 years ago.

An additional one billion subscribers are predicted by 2020, taking the global penetration rate to approximately 60{ea8372c0850978052e20c0d53be15bc420c794e9b9b32f0ee9dfe0056552e01e}.

Smartphone adoption is already reaching critical mass in developed markets, with the devices now accounting for 60{ea8372c0850978052e20c0d53be15bc420c794e9b9b32f0ee9dfe0056552e01e} of connections.

More and more services have become available online.. a lot of corporates and companies migrated to public clouds.

Internet service has become a must for Humans and lately for things. Mobile is actually driving the innovation of the new digital era.

Have you ever wondered how do you get the Internet Service on your Mobile ?

Are you eager to cross the “Enterprise” borders and see how the Mobile Operator network Architecture looks like ?

Are you interested to understand the Mobile Broadband “workloads” in the virtualization terminology ?

The borders between Technology domains are fading. Professional profiles need to adapt to the marketing trends in the sense that career shift has gradually become an implicit choice as the network is converging and more need in the market is observed for those who have the E2E exposure to Mobile Networks ecosystem.

This course guides you to have your first steps in the Mobile Broadband ecosystem.

I will explain the related principles and technologies in a vendor-neutral approach that will help you in future to start evaluating vendors solutions.

We will have an overview of the PS Core network architecture, the main call flows, and the relevant Mobile Broadband terms and concepts.

In a nutshell, the aim of the course to give the E2E overview of the Mobile Broadband and to unveil the Network elements that have been always black boxes for professionals outside the Mobile Broadband domain.

The Course is recommended for

  • Network Professionals who are interested to get the Packet Switched Core knowledge
  • Professionals working on radio networks keen to get the Core Knowledge and E2E Mobile Broadband exposure
  • Fresh graduates interested to work in Mobile Broadband domain
  • All Professionals looking for Career-shift to Mobile Networks.


Training Agenda


This is an Online Class which requires only Internet connection !

The training Class will be total of 12 hours ( 3 Days) with the below Agenda


Module 1: Mobile Broadband Ecosystem (2 hrs.) In this module, The Mobile Broadband Evolution is discussed highlighting the current global status in terms of Commercial 3G/4G Deployments.


Module 2: PS Core / Evolved Packet Core Architecture (2 hrs.) In this module, The main Core Network Elements are covered with the corresponding main functions and characteristics.


Module 3: Getting the Service in 3G/4G (4 hrs.) In this module, We are covering the “under the hood” scenario that occurs whenever a user turns on his mobile till he gets Internet Service for both 3G/4G domains. This will include the Call Flows with some snapshots to handsets and traces whenever applicable.


Module 4: Mobile Broadband QoS Framework (2 hrs.) In this module, we will shed some light on the Mobile Broadband E2E QoS framework with some practical examples.


Module 5: Security in Mobile Broadband (2 hrs.) In this module, We will describe the security requirements and how it is currently handled in Commercial deployments.


There are no special perquisites for the training course except the technology awareness in general.


Profiles focusing on Data Networks, IT, Radio, and all other areas are welcomed. However, It is highly recommended that the attendee reviews the latest five articles posted on the website.


Training materials in PDF format will be provided to Class Attendees.


Course Info

Course TypeOnline
Course Duration3 days
Course Date Sep 29 – 1 Oct 2017
Course Price$ 399
InstructorKarim Rabie

Modules covered

  • Mobile Broadband Ecosystem
  • PS Core / Evolved Packet Core Architecture
  • Getting the Service in 3G/4G
  • Mobile Broadband QoS Framework
  • Security in Mobile Broadband

Trainer Info

Karim Rabie

Mobile Broadband Expert
About Karim
Karim Rabie is a Mobile Broadband Consultant with more than 12 years of Multi-vendor experience carrying Consulting, Design, Planning, deployment, Optimisation, and Training activities on diverse fields of Mobility domains. Karim Rabie was one of the pioneer engineers working in the LTE/EPC domain back in 2009 during his role as PS Core Solution Architect for Nokia where he handled the planning for one of the first Commercial LTE deployments in Gulf Region and other several worldwide LTE trials in addition to being one of the first solution architects certified as LTE Specialist. With the vendor experience working with Huawei, Nokia, and Cisco. Karim led and participated in many of overseas projects with T-Mobile, Ooreedo, Bharti, Zain, Vodafone, Orange, Etisalat, & other Operators in Africa and Middle East. He is the author of three vendor-agnostic training packs specialised in PS Core Network & LTE/EPC Network. Karim provided 12 Instructor-led classes in the last three years with audiences featuring different technology domains from various Mobile Operators and Service Providers. With an extensive current work and focus on NFV, Cloud, & SDN; Karim Rabie has published lately a series of articles embracing the NFV technology, 5G momentum and the corresponding evolution in Mobile Broadband. On the personal side, He is a 35 years old Egyptian, a husband and father for two girls Nour 6 yrs, & Khadijah 3 yrs. A follower for most of the football leagues across the globe and a big fan of Egyptian Club Al Ahly “African Club of Century”.

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