May CCDE Practical exam results have been announced. Student feedbacks in this post!


May 2019 CCDE Practical exam results announced few days ago.

I am happy to help 4 people to have their CCDE number on May 2019 exam.

Congrats to Matt , Fredrik , Dmytro and Schilling for passing CCDE Practical exam. They received their numbers! Let me help you to get it now !

Next Webex CCDE Class will start in 10 days!

You can see Webex based CCDE Courses by clicking here

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I would like to share their testimonials with you. Hope to see you in one of my classes soon.!

Matt Cross – Technical Architect at Heartland – CCDE #2019::7
 Orhan did an excellent job of filling in the gaps of knowledge that I had that took me to the finish line of the practical exam CCDE. The community of people that Orhan facilitates are both engaging and supportive of the journey to CCDE. Orhan was always quick to answer any email or chat messages that I sent him. Overall I am very happy with the time spent engaged in the material and bootcamp. Thanks Orhan!

DmytroOsmachka – CCDE #2019::10

Orhan, I came, I learned and now I got my CCDE number!

For those who prepare for the CCDE Practical exam, all what you need is some experience and Orhan’s guidance! Thanks Orhan for all your support.

Shiling Ding – Sentinel Technologies – CCDE #2019::12
 Just passed the CCDE Practical exam! I attended Orhan Ergun’s CCDE training program, used Orhan’s Instructor Led and Self-Paced CCDE training and Online CCDE Practical Scenarios during my CCDE journey. Orhan’s CCDE In Depth book is an excellent summary book about almost all topics related to CCDE. Orhan’s practical scenarios are well organized and discussions in his webex are very valuable. Orhan’s also from time to time host webex lectures on different technology topics, I find it’s another revenue to refresh and strength my understanding of different topics. Orhan’s study group is very active, different peers share their experience, discussion and insight on not only the CCDE but also different technologies.

I surely appreciate Orhan’s excellent training materials, constant guidance and demonstrated dedication to help me get CCDE. As always, life is a constant learning experience, CCDE is only one of small steps!

Please be aware:

Many people still are not aware that we have started CCIE SP training. In fact some students already passed and I will try to announce them periodically.

You can have a look at the details of CCIE SP training by clicking here

CCIE SP and CCDE together provide operational and design experience, thus I recommend you to get Bundle CCIE SP and CCDE Course

See you in one of the upcoming CCDE trainings! 
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