MPLS Decoded

MPLS has been out there for decades. There is huge amount of MPLS documents on the Internet. But most of them just show you how to configure it on the specific vendor equipment and most of them are just reflect the theory.

There is not much design information, which can be used on any vendor device, and any network. Also there are not much Advanced MPLS topics. Nearly zero resource, which show how those advanced topics can be deployed and consumed in a simple manner.

I have many students from Enterprise background who complain lack of MPLS knowledge. They want to learn how they would benefit from MPLS on their network

Also due to NDA purpose people cannot share their network MPLS design and topologies.

There are thousands of people who want to have MPLS Zero to Hero course but there is no available training in the industry.

That’s why I created this course. In this course :

  • I will start from the very basics of MPLS up to the most advanced topics in 2016. MPLS Zero to Hero
  • I will cover the technologies from the design perspective so you can use this knowledge on any network and any vendor equipment
  • I will share MPLS design which are used on today’s real networks
  • I will not only talk about Enterprise and Service Provider design but also How MPLS can be used in the Datacenter and Specific places in the network such as LAN and WAN.
  • I will go through many design quiz questions during the sessions so you can verify your understanding
  • I will show you how MPLS can be implemented end to end in Service Providers and Mobile Network Operators with Seamless MPLS Architecture models.
  • We will talk about MPLS in Transport networks.
  • I will show you MPLS alternatives, MPLS over IP technologies and the pros and cons of all of them
  • I will show you how MPLS can help to reduce your operational costs, provide better capacity planning,, allows guaranteed SLA with extensive MPLS Traffic Engineering information
  • I will go through the all available Fast Reroute mechanisms and teach MPLS Fast Reroute

What is the target audience?

  • Those who are using MPLS on their network and understand the possible design options
  • Network Engineers, Network Designers, and Solutions Architects who would need to know new advanced MPLS topics
  • Those who would like to learn MPLS design in today’s network and applicability in SDN Era.
  • CCIE R&S, CCIE SP and CCDE certifications candidates definitely will benefit from this course


  • You should be familiar with the Interior Gateway Protocols and BGP no need to be an expert on those though.
  • You should be ready for very intensive training! You may not have MPLS working experience, that’s okay, after this course you will be good at it!

Course Info

Course Date2-3 December
Course Duration2 days
Course Time3 – 9 pm GMT +3
Course Price$ 499
InstructorOrhan Ergun
Course TypeInstructor Led/ Live Online
RetakeUnlimited free Retake

Benefits Included

  • MPLS Decoded Book of Orhan Ergun

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Trainer Info

Orhan Ergun

CCDE Trainer, Author and  Design Consultant

About Orhan Ergun I’m Orhan Ergun, a network architect focused on service providers, data centers, virtualization, cloud, and network security. I have more than 14 years IT related experience, and I have worked on many medium and large-scale network design and deployment projects.

I have been teaching Cisco network design concepts such as CCDE and Pre-CCDE for the last two years, and created best CCDE Training Program to share my network design experience and knowledge with the networking community.

More than 15 of my students successfully passed the CCDE Practical exam since I started my CCDE Program.

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