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Watch CCDE Videos,view and download design comparison charts,take design quizzes and CCDE Practical Scenarios.Best CCDE Course ever !

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About This Course
Published 11/2014English

This is a self-paced CCDE v2.1 Training Program which helps you to pass CCDE Written and CCDE Practical exams.

You will learn the below technologies and also you will understand how to use those in Service Provider, Enterprise, Datacenter and Mobile Operator real life network design.

You may have a few CCIE, but you realized that none of them gives you the credibility that you want. You want to be the most respectful person in your organization and rise above all your peers. You are very good at many technologies; however, you realized that being an expert at network design is different and very important.

The problem is you that don’t know where to start. Everybody out there tries to teach you how to configure the protocols or devices, but definitely no solid information about real life network design. Stop searching anymore. This course will help you to get your CCDE certificate greatly. More than 35 students passed the CCDE Practical exam with these resources recently !

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Network design principles and best practices that will make you more respectful person in your organization.
  • Most important CCDE Written and Practical exam topics.
  • Sample CCDE Practical Lab scenarios which will help you to pass Cisco CCDE exam in your first attempt.
  • Technology Comparison charts which will help you to understand Pros and Cons of different technologies
  • Network Design Quizzes which will help you to evaluate your knowledge.
  • Real life network design discussion videos of Orhan Ergun with other network designers, which will help you understand different design mindsets.

What is the target audience?

  • Those who would like to pass Cisco CCDE Practical and Written exams.
  • Network Engineers, Designers, Solution Architects who would like to learn more about Provider, Enterprise, Datacenter and Mobile Operator real life network design.
  • CCIE R&S and CCIE SP certificates candidates benefit from the course greatly as well.


  • You should be familiar with the technologies in the Course Outline.
  • You don’t need to have CCIE certificate to attend the bootcamp. When you register Orhan will guide you on the resources which you should study until the bootcamp.

You can take the course now and access all the resources immediately.

You will have lifetime access, there is no subscription recharges !


Course Content

Lessons Status

Course and CCDE Exam Introduction


Network Design Tools & The Best Practices


Layer 2 Design


OSPF Design


IS-IS Design


EIGRP Design


BGP Design


Quality of Service Design


Multicast Design


MPLS Design


IPv6 Design


CCDE Practical Scenarios


VPN Design


Guest Designers


Design Comparison Charts

Instructor Biography

Reviews from the CCDEs
  • Kim Pedersen - CCIE in RS and SP (#29189) CCDE#20170021
    Posted 2 Days ago
    I've used Orhan's self-paced CCDE training material. If you are interested in knowing how all the technologies go together in a coherent design i can highly recommend it.I also enjoyed the Quizzes which helped pick out my weak spots in selecting an appropriate design. So if you are serious about either learning more about the design aspects of networking or you are going for the CCDE practical, you should take a hard look at Orhan's Self-paced Training option.
  • Laurent Metzger - 3xCCIE/CCDE Senior Network Architect
    Posted 2 Days ago
    Hi Orhan. I passed the CCDE exam on February 22. I read everything that you put on your Self Paced CCDE Training course and it was very helpful in my success. Thank you very much.
  • Nicholas Russo Network Consulting Engineer (CCDE/CCIEx2), Cisco
    Posted 92 Days ago
    I signed up for Orhan's self-paced CCDE training. This training is very technically detailed and the use-cases, quizzes, scenarios, and mind maps are all great resources in the overall training program. Orhan teaches his customers to think like a network designer by applying technology to meet business requirements and design specifications.
  • Felix Nkansah - Chief Executive Officer at Red Mango CCDE, 2XCCIE
    Posted 93 Days ago
    If you are considering studying for the coveted Cisco CCDE certification, make good use of the Cisco recommended reading list and CiscoLive videos focused on design. But your preparation won't be complete without a touch of Midas from the master CCDE trainer Orhan Ergun. He is the most complete training provider in the industry - Books, Blogs, Videos, Bootcamps, One-to-one chat, etc.Self Paced Course is a best offline CCDE resource !
  • Mazin Ahsan - Design Lead Engineer | Solutions Engineer | CCDE License # 20160030 | CCIE Licence # 23892
    Posted 93 Days ago
    I passed the CCDE Practical Lab exam on November 17,2016 from supplications of elders and dedication from my Sensei Mr. Orhan Ergun I took different CCDE bootcamps in the past. Orhan has the most depth and expertise. You can discuss with him at an expert level on different technologies and he is focused. Both the bootcamp and his book helped me a lot in achieving the design skills to nail this beast. I would recommend taking his CCDE training to pass CCDE exam and learn the network design
  • Tahir Munir - Infrastructure Consultant at Accenture CCDE, 3XCCIE
    Posted 94 Days ago
    I passed the CCDE exam on November 17,2016.Orhan's CCDE Live class and Self Paced training course helped me a lot to pass the both CCDE Written and Practical exams.Design comparison charts and videos will help you a lot in CCDE Practical exam. The quizzes in the self paced CCDE course is excellent resource for the CCDE Written exam.If you are studying for CCDE exam or want to learn network design,I strongly recommend you to take this course.
  • Anders C. Petersen - Network Systems Engineer at Conscia A/S CCIE #42544 (SP) & CCDE #20160015
    Posted 95 Days ago
    Orhan is forcing you to take off the implementation hat that most of us have been wearing for many years, instead he is providing a new fancy design hat, which makes you see and deal with the issues presented. At the beginning of this CCDE course you many times are sitting thinking ‘I could solve this issue with some fancy trick/feature’, all because you keep thinking implementation. However as the course goes on Orhan is helping you to fill your new fancy design hat with all the important information not only for designing, meeting business requirements, but also dealing with the interaction of the protocols. If you’re trying to get your head into a new hat, chasing the CCDE exam, or just wants to get on top with network design, I would go to Orhan today.