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I’m Orhan Ergun, a network architect focused on service providers, data centers, virtualization, cloud, and network security. I have more than 15 years IT related experience, and I have worked on many medium and large-scale network design and deployment projects.

I have been teaching Cisco network design concepts such as CCDE and Pre-CCDE for the last two years, and created DesignWorld learning platform to share my network design experience and knowledge with the networking community.

My aim is to teach you everything you need to know about network design, network security, Cisco exams, and other vendor certifications. I will be posting, sharing, and updating important topics on network design via this site, so that you can learn essential IT concepts with ease. To enjoy this boon, I recommend regularly visit orhanergun.net and subscribe to my newsletter to get our latest content first.

Should you have any question be it on network design or Cisco exams, or any query about IT, do not hesitate to contact me. You can also find me as a host on the packetpushers community podcast channel.

The majority of my students successfully passed the CCDE Practical exam. Click here for their feedback about my products and CCDE classes.

Last but not least, in my spare time I prepare CCIE and CCDE Written Exam Questions for Cisco Systems as an external subject matter expert.

Also , I spend a lot of time with my sweet son 🙂


  1. Hey!

    Just wanted to say I have found your Twitter and website very useful. Last year I I recieved my ccna certificate and now looking to take an ccnp bootcamp. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. For the CCNP , I would recommend INE and CBT Nuggets.
    If you want to go to network design path, I would advice my design trainings.
    Currently I am teaching CCDE but I am considering to extend it to CCDA and CCDP as well.

  3. Just wanted to say all best of luck and very happy to see the useful videos provided by you, And I wish you more success.


  4. Hello Orhan,

    So if I purchase the bootcamp do we get the full prep bundle as well or if I purchase the full prep bundle how much extra would it cost to add a bootcamp on as well?



  5. Just attempted to sign up but it appears that something went wrong with the registration process after I paid via paypal. Can you contact me to correct ?


  6. Hi orhan

    I am currently working on my CCNP exam but I would like to take advantage of your Network Design experience .Is there any books or sources you can recommend for CCDA or will you be able to provide CCDA training on your website too ?

  7. please prepare videos for CCDA and CCDP also .
    it will be great to have a full program from start (CCDA) to end (CCDE)

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