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There are 20 OSPF design questions and answers in this OSPF quiz.


ospf areas


You should finish this quiz in 45 minutes.

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OSPF design is an important network engineering knowledge both in real life Enterprise, Datacenter, Service provider networks, as well as any given certification exam.

Knowing OSPF itself will not help you to use it in the real life networks. Protocols always interact with each other and understanding and managing those interaction by keeping network complexity at the minimum distinguishes network designers from the network operators.

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OSPF Design



  1. There’s one question for which there isn’t apparently a correct answer, the one about the number of routers that can be used in an OSPF topology. I answered that “it depends” and the following question proves that it is the correct answer, but the quiz tells me that it’s only incorrect.

    • Hi Avinash, That post or any other post which recommends a number of routers per area , or ABR per area , most probably outdated , or don’t know what they are talking about.

      It might be outdates because early days memory and cpu was low on the routers and the concern was around performance, even in that case link stability, topology type, rate of change (failure, metric change, tailback and so on), how many links between neighbours are important.

      So it depends on many criteria.

  2. Hi Orhan

    Nice one @ the quiz .
    It really helped to reinforce topic knowledge & expose wekpoints that require more work .
    Hope you can do same for all other topics soon .


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