Recommended Networking Resources for September 2019 First Week

I would like to share with you every week some networking resources , can be video , article , book , diagram , another website etc. Whatever I believe can be useful for the computer network engineers, mobile network providers, satellite engineers ,transmission experts, datacenter engineers, basically whatever I am interested in and I like, I will share in a blog post.

There will not be any order of importance among the resources. You can open and go through anyone you want. I will try to limit the list with 5 resources as I want you to read the posts that I publish on the website. Sometimes can be more than 5 though! Let’s get started!

TCP vs QUIC – Quic is a new transport protocol I think everyone should have a look at. What are the high level differences between them etc. TCP vs QUIC: A New Transport Protocol  

2. Below post explains how BGP As-Path prepending , when it is done more than couple times , can be dangerous for the attacks on BGP information security   Excessive BGP AS-PATH prepending is a self-inflicted vulnerability  

3. This presentation is one of the best presentation about BGP Add-Path, or maybe it is not good to do Add-path.  

4. In the below video, Randy Bush is talking about IPv6 Transition mechanisms and Operational reality of the different transition mechanisms.    

5. In the below white paper, you can have a look at recent enhancements in MPLS Traffic Engineering. Concept like RSVP- Multipath (TE++) is explained in the paper.  

If you would like to see more resources weekly, let me know in the comment box below. Whatever is your feedback, let us communicate in the comment section of the blog. Hope this will be useful for you! I love networking, I love helping people who like it!

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