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Recommended Networking Resources for September 2019 Third Week

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There are so many good resources for Network Engineers out there. I started to share the ones I liked on beginning of this month.

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As you know, I share 5 resource every week. There are so many in my list already, I can’t wait for the next week to share next recommended 5 resources!

Let’s start.

  1. Below video is explaining different NAT concepts, specifically CGN (Carrier Grade NAT) and present some good statistics about usage of CGN in Mobile/Cellular Networks.

2. BGP Information Security is very important to secure Global Internet. 

BGP Leaks effect potentially millions of users when it happens. Below post explains ‘What is BGP Route Leak’ , starting from ‘What is BGP’ and shows an example how by starting intentional Route Leak to steal crypto currency. 


3.  Nice video on SD-WAN at DKNOG. Explaining some technical details but mainly stay at the architectural level. 

4. For those who are looking to understand Diffserv (Differentiated Services) Quality of Service Architecture, must read RFC 4594. 


5.  Today, most of the IP networks use PIM (Protocol Independent Multicast) when they have Multicast in their networks.Before PIM, DVMRP was deployed in many large scale networks. In the below video, GEANT (European Research Institute) explains how they deployed DVMRP and how they migrated from DVMRP to PIM, and the reasons for migration.

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