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RIFT – Routing in Fat Trees – Large Scale Datacenter Routing Protocol

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RIFT – Routing in Fat Trees. RIFT is a Routing Protocol which is targeted for Densely Meshed topologies such as Fat Tree. Tony Przygienda who is the inventor of RIFT, Jeff Tantsura and Orhan Ergun are discussing below questions about RIFT routing protocol.

1. Can you briefly describe what RIFT is doing?

2. Is essential goal of this protocol advertising server subnets in the network?

3. Many large scale datacenter already deployed BGP in their network, why they should deploy RIFT?

4. Is there any real life deployment with this protocol?

5. When RIFT RFC will be published, will it be an informational or standard RFC?

6. Which overlay would be most common use case with RIFT?


We explained what exactly RIFT – Routing in Fat Trees protocol targeting. Simplicity, Scalability and Zero Touch Provisioning aspect of RIFT are talked.

We compared RIFT with other DC Routing protocols such as BGP (RFC 7938) and explained some of the unique characteristics of RIFT compare to other routing protocols which are targeted for Large Scale/ Massively Scale Datacenter environments.

We discussed and predicted that EVPN would be the most common control plane Overlay protocol for the Underlay RIFT based IP Fabric.

You will see many interesting thoughts in the video and please share your comments about it, we will be answering in the comment section under the post.





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Frequently Asked Questions About RIFT – Routing in Fat Trees – Large Scale Datacenter Routing Protocol

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