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About this course

This BGP Course starts with BGP Theory and the best practices. Explains IBGP and EBGP in detail. BGP Communities, BGP Traffic Engineering , BGP Route Reflector design options and BGP Confederation is explained and best practices are provided for them.
Course contains detail information about Network Interconnection where real network creates neighborship between them.
Interconnection between the networks might be done through SFI , IP Transit , Paid Peering and other special arrangements. These are not thought you in any other course on the Internet. If you find, ask for refund !
This is not only a video course but also provides detail comparison with other protocols , detail comparison about BGP mechanisms such as Confederation vs. BGP Route Reflector and so on.
Also you will see real life BGP network deployment discussions with the other engineers.
You will have lifetime access, as soon as I add new topics to the course, you will have an access to the new materials.

What is the target audience?

  • Network Engineers, Designers, Solution Architects
  • This workshop will be helpful for many exam certification such as CCNP, CCIE , CCDP and CCDE.


Although there will not be advanced technical level discussions, familiarity with the basic routing would be an advantage.

You can take the course now and access all the resources immediately. You will have lifetime access, there is no subscription recharges !

It includes:

  • 20+ hours video trainings
  • Lifetime access – No subscription charges (New documents frequently are added and you will have them all) !
  • Certificate of Completion – Signed by Orhan Ergun
  • You will be able to access the new content as soon as they are available for this training
  • Skill Level Intermediate Advanced
  • Language English
  • Let by CCDE Trainer, Author and Network Design Advisor Orhan Ergun

Price –  $149 Only

This course is offered as Life Time Access, no recurring monthly charges!

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