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Published 8/2017English
Many network engineers struggle to understand Service Provider networks. Even if they know MPLS or BGP as a technology very well, they are struggling to find a material for the other important parts of the Service Provider architecture.
For example how SP networks are connected, how countries and continents are connected, what is POP or virtual POP and how they are really connected.
Seeing a big picture would be great. Understand end to end traffic flow between the Mobile Operator users and the broadband providers.
How countries are connected to Internet, how Submarine and Terrestrial Cables work, How SDH/SONET, DWDM works and transmission network interacts with IP networks ? Where are the Internet Hubs, how Interconnection between the networks are done?
Although the name is Service Provider design, all network engineers from different businesses will benefit from this course.
Since the targeted audience is very broad, I don’t want anyone to have hard time with the payment. Thus I keep the cost of this workshop very low.


What is the target audience?


  • Network Engineers, Designers, Solution Architects
  • This workshop will be helpful for many exam certification such as CCNP, CCIE , CCDP and CCDE.



  • Although there will not be advanced technical level discussions, familiarity with the BGP and MPLS would be nice.


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Service Provider Business - Business Models


Broadband Technologies


Transport Networking - Physical Layer is Key !


Service Provider Network Interconnections


BGP in Service Provider Networks


MPLS in the Service Provider Networks


IPv6 Design

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