Service Provider/Telecom Design Workshop

With many real world examples !

(Online 2 days – 10 hours Workshop) 


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Introduction to Service Provider/Telecom Design


2 days (10 hours, 5 hours each day , on weekend) Service Provider/Telecom training.

Workshop will be held on December 1 – 2, (Saturday and Sunday) 2018.

Important note : Video on demand for this course is available to all attendees for free. Here is the Video on demand course. 

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Many network engineers struggle to understand Service Provider networks. Even if they know MPLS or BGP as a technology very well, they are struggling to find a material for the other important parts of the Service Provider architecture.

For example how SP networks are connected, how countries and continents are connected, what is POP or virtual POP and how they are really connected.

Seeing a big picture would be great. Understand end to end traffic flow between the Mobile Operator users and the broadband providers.

How countries are connected to Internet, how Submarine and Terrestrial Cables work, How SDH/SONET, DWDM works and transmission network interacts with IP networks ? Where are the Internet Hubs, how Interconnection between the networks are done?

Although the name is Service Provider design, all network engineers from different businesses will benefit from this course.

Since the targeted audience is very broad, I don’t want anyone to have hard time with the payment. Thus I keep the cost of this workshop very low.

What is the target audience?

  • Network Engineers, Designers, Solution Architects
  • This workshop will be helpful for many exam certification such as CCNP, CCIE , CCDP and CCDE.


  • Although there will not be advanced technical level discussions, familiarity with the BGP and MPLS would be nice.



Bassel Kablawi – Sr Engineer at ScopeSky Communications LLC

I always wanted to attend Orhan workshops and finally I got the opportunity to join the Service Provider Design Workshop. It was really exiting and informative workshop. Started with the very basics of broadband types and physical connectivity then goes deep to the Internet life. In this workshop you will know what’s going on behind the science from the moment you connect to the Internet till reaching your desired contents over the Internet.
at the first, when your read the contents it will be simple contents and think that it’s easy and normal terminologies, but in reality you will need hard effort to understand it.


Sherif Mokhtar  – Telecom Business Unit Manager | Solution Architect & Presales Manager at Raya Integration | CCIE SP

Throughout the SP design workshop, Orhan had shown a new level of trainings delivery. Starting from the well selected content, going through and discussing the topics and finally giving real cases studies, Orhan has proved that he is one of the best Service Provider engineers all over the world, and one of the best instructors to teach you the bits and pieces behind the technology.
He is focusing in teaching you the concepts, from low level point of view, and then takes you to see the big picture behind the Service Provider architectures and solutions.
Definitely I do recommend this workshop for all engineers working in service provider domain


Bernd Ueberbacher – Systems Engineer at NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service AG

Great overview about a wide variety of Service Provider topics – always something new to learn J It was an awesome workshop and I will definitely be joining the next one as well! Thanks again.


Samuel Ajakaiye – Network Engineer With 10+ years Exp. in IP(WAN,LAN,BGP,MPLS,Wireless), Satellite Networks (RF,VSAT, Newtec,iDirect,)

I actually learned more , even in the areas that I thought I already know. I recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to have a grasp of the breadth and depth of the service provider ECOSYSTEM.




Workshop Detailed Outline

Introduction to Service Provider Design Workshop


  1. Type of Service Providers


In this module different types of network operators will be introduced. Relations between them will be explained in detailed.


For example what is Transit Service Provider and how Transit Service Providers provide services to Content Providers, CDNs, Broadband Providers and so on.


Below business types will be explained in this module.


  • Broadband ISP
  • Transit Service Providers
  • Content Providers
  • Content Distribution Networks
  • Cable Access Providers
  • Mobile Operators
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP)


  1. Broadband Technologies


In this module different broadband services will be explained. Without going too much detail, below services will be explained and examples will be shared to demonstrate the deployment of different services worldwide.


  • FTTx (FTTP, FTTC, FTTH) with different PON technologies
  • Cable Broadband (DOCSIS 3.0)
  • Satellite technologies
  • Mobile Broadband technologies (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G) basics


  1. Service Provider Physical Connections and Locations


In this module; fiber optic technologies, cross-border country connections, sub-marine fiber optic connections, POP types and other physical layer knowledge will be provided.

This module is crucial to understand how networks are connected, where are they located and how are they connected in real world.

Below are the topics will be covered in this module.

  • What is Fiber Optics?
  • Different Types of Fiber Optics
  • SDH/SONET and WDM Basics
  • DWDM and the advantages
  • How Internet traffic is carried between countries?
  • How Service Providers use each other fiber networks?
  • Submarine Cable basics
  • What is Landing Point?
  • What is Telephone Exchange or Central Office?
  • Tier 1 Service Provider (Level 3) Global Fiber Map
  • What is Point of Presence (POP)?
  • Different types of POPs (Access POP, Backbone POP, Virtual POP)
  • How POPs are interconnected?
  • Tier 1 Service Provider POP and Datacenter connections MAP
  • What are Urban, Rural and Underserved areas?
  • Satellite usage in real world deployments


  1. Network Interconnections

In this module interconnections between the networks will be explained. How different types of network come together and build the Internet ecosystem.

Examples will be provided from the real world deployments.

Below topics will be covered in this module.

  • What is Peering? (Public peering, private peering, bilateral and multilateral peering)
  • Why Peering is important?
  • What is Internet Exchange Point ?
  • Where are the Internet Exchange Points?
  • What is Local IXP?
  • What is Regional IXP?
  • Who are the Internet Hubs in the world ?
  • What are Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Providers?
  • Who are the Tier 1 Providers in the world?
  • Is there a Global Tier 1 Provider?
  • Why you should place your content on Akamai?
  • What happens two Tier 1 providers dispute?
  • How Netflix distributes its content?
  • What is Remote Peering?
  • Pros and Cons of Remote Peering?
  • Remote Peering Providers
  • Selling a Transit Service in IXP


  1. BGP in Service Provider Networks

In this module, starting from the basics of BGP, how BGP is used in Service Provider networks will be explained.

  • What is IBGP and EBGP
  • BGP Communities in the Service Providers
  • BGP in Internet Exchange Points (IXP)
  • What is BGP Route Server?
  • Most preferred BGP Route Servers
  • Who would use BGP Route Server in IXP?
  • Google Peering Policy in Real Life
  • BGP Route Reflector Design Options
  • How BGP helps for SDN in Service Provider networks?
  • BGP Confederations vs. Route Reflectors
  • BGP Fast Convergence (BGP PIC Edge and Core)
  • BGP Anomalies
  • Multi Protocol BGP


  1. Service Provider MPLS Services
  • What is MPLS
  • MPLS VPNs (Layer 2 and Layer 3)
  • Inter-AS MPLS VPNs
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering
  • Fast Reroute in IP and MPLS
  • How would MPLS Service look like of Tier 1 Service Provider?
  • End to end MPLS deployment methods in Service Providers and the challenges in real life


Case Studies


At the end real life case studies will be provided. When we finish all above modules, understanding these real life case studies will show you the big picture.

  • How Comcast and Level 3 Peering Dispute created performance problems for the users
  • How Gaming Company deployed their network to provide better performance to players
  • Why two African Service Providers in the same city send all Internet traffic between their customers to another continent
  • Basic IXP (Internet Exchange Point) design
  • End to end packet flow between broadband user in Middle East and U.S


Course Info

Course Price$ 249
InstructorOrhan Ergun
Course TypeInstructor Led/ Live Online


This course covers mainly Telecom and Service Provider technologies

 Trainer Info

Orhan Ergun

CCDE Trainer, Author and  Design Consultant

About Orhan Ergun 

Orhan Ergun,CCDE Trainer, Author and Network Design Advisor Orhan Ergun is award winning Computer Network Architect, CCDE Trainer and Author. Orhan has well known industry certificates CCIE # 26567 and CCDE #20140017.

Orhan has more than 15 years of networking experience and has been working on many medium and large-scale network design and deployment projects for Enterprise and Service Provider networks.

He has been providing consultancy services to African, Middle East and some Turkish Service Providers and Mobile Operators for years. Orhan has been teaching Cisco network design concepts such as CCDE and Pre-CCDE for many years, and created best CCDE Training Program to share his network design experience and knowledge with the networking community. 30+ of his students successfully passed the CCDE Practical exam so far and Orhan produces 30% of the CCDEs each year. Orhan is sharing his articles and thoughts on his blog All the training and consultancy services related information can be found from his website. He is a father, a husband and a networking geek! Orhan lives in Qatar with his wife, Halise and their son Efe. Twitter :