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BGP PIC Edge provides sub second convergence time in the case of edge link or node failure. BGP PIC is a useful for MPLS VPN service and can be provided by the Service provider as a value added service thus might provide additional revenue.

BGP PIC provides sub second converge time in case link or node failure, and BGP PIC edge covers the edge failure cases.Sub second convergence is not possible without PIC – Prefix Independent Convergence for BGP.

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BGP PIC – Prefix Independent Convergence

BGP PIC ( Prefix Independent Convergence )  is a BGP Fast reroute mechanism which can provides sub second convergence even for the 500K internet prefixes by taking help of IGP convergence.

BGP PIC uses hierarchical data plane in contrast to flat FIB design which is used by Cisco CEF and many legacy platforms. Read more