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May CCDE Practical exam is cancelled worldwide,all the details !

May 11 2017, CCDE Practical exam has been cancelled worldwide on May 4, 2017.


People reacted differently for this cancellation.


I have 200+ CCDE candidates in my study groups, thus I think I am the person who can provide you the most accurate information about the reaction of the candidates.


Most, if not all my students were happy from the cancellation. We are definitely support Cisco for that , but , BIG BUT, cancellation was too late. 1 week earlier than exam day !


Most of them booked their flights and the hotels.


We don’t know whether Cisco will refund all their expenses. Just refunding exam fee clearly is not enough.

This would be big problem among the exam attendees. How they will know whether the exam will not be cancelled again ?


Why CCDE Practical exam has been cancelled ? 


I wrote a post about the company who was selling the CCDE Practical exam scenarios. So if you pay them, they give you a guarantee and you pass the exam.

First time in the CCDE Practical exam history, one company achieved this. Congrats to most successful ‘ exam dumper ‘ company.

This lead Cisco to cancel CCDE Practical exam first time in the exam history !


What can happen after now ?

Does Cisco cancel CCDE Practical exam again ? 


You should first understand that, Cisco will bring new scenarios and this company will try to find all the new questions, with the backgrounds and they have to collect each and every answer and they need to make sure someone with their dumps pass the exam.


4 new scenarios at least a year or more for them to crack.


If they start selling again, Cisco can cancel the exam. I will definitely inform industry when they try to sell again, so you will get the signal whether there is a new cancellation possibility.

By the way, since they guarantee passing the exam, do they refund the money ? 🙂


What will happen to people who passed the exam on February 2017 ?


This question has been asking from day one by all the industry. I announced 5 students who passed the exam on February 2017. As a most well known , successful and helpful CCDE training, I advertise 5 people, but a company which is famous by selling CCIE dumps, advertise 5 times more CCDE in the same exam.


Cisco shouldn’t revoke certificate of these people.


But definitely I support ‘ Interview ‘ idea. Cisco should do an interview with all the CCDEs who passed the practical exam on February.


In this way, no one would think to contact with these dumpers. Since they will not be able to find students, they won’t spend time to beg people for the new questions and answers.


I trust my students , their knowledge , so I support interview idea. Please Cisco do it.


I was in Dubai Onsite bootcamp when Cisco cancelled the exam, we celebrated this news with the students. 3 of them would attend the exam by the way. They were happy because no one can tell them ‘ paper CCDE ‘ .Although they were ready for the exam, they were thinking that for the overall good, decision was correct.


I have seen that dumper company crying and blaming Cisco. Don’t do it !

This exam has been cancelled because of you ! You are shame for your country !

What can I do for you ? 

I don’t want to do marketing in this post but without solution this post wouldn’t be complete. If you research you will see that people will refer two CCDE providers. Talk to them first. Who provides what ? What are their approaches and so on. You can achieve this exam only by studying. After cancellation news, my bootcamp registrations boosted. People realise that it seems. I announced 33% discount on all CCDE products. Check all the details from here


Last but not least, Thank you Cisco, it was hard decision , you did it. You protect the reputation of CCDE certification, next time please cancel it earlier if you need and have proper communication channel with the candidates after you cancel it.







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May 2017 Dubai CCDE Bootcamp Attendees Feedbacks !

Dubai 5 days Instructor Led Bootcamp just finished. Attendees were from Spain, Bahrain , Saudi Arabia, India and Abu Dhabi.


I discussed several real network designs with attendees such as one of the bank networks, one financial institute, couple service provider networks (Belong to these students or they involve designs of these networks)





I went through all the CCDE blueprint topics to cover the technology part and several CCDE Practical scenarios.


One of the students recorded a video while I am talking on Multicast 🙂





Before you read attendees feedback from below,  please know that I scheduled two more Onsite CCDE Training, one in Istanbul/Turkey and another in Dubai/UAE for 2017. Also if you register until 15th of July 2017, 33% early bird discount you will get for these trainings.


Check training schedule and locations from here to get more information and registration right now !  (As soon as you register, you will have  the self-study resources which you need to go through until the bootcamp)


For more information about training and registration please send an email to : sales@orhanergun.net


Below are the feedback of the attendees.




Ahmed Al-Mutawa

Sr. Network Administrator at Bahrain Credit – CCIE# 55654


Coming from an Enterprise networking background, I discovered a lot of information that I need to focus on thanks to Orhan’s CCDE Bootcamp.


The level of knowledge and information that Orhan has and provides to the students is amazing, while covering a lot in terms of network design examples that are valid in the real world.


I would like to thank Orhan very much for his time and efforts and would definitely attend his course again and again ever after passing the CCDE exam.


I highly recommend it to everyone.




Rahul Siddhanak

Network Engineer – Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank 


Would like to say something about the Orhan Ergun’s CCDE Bootcamp :

1.   Excellent training

  • Step by Step Covered

2.  Helpful for understanding customer network requirement for adding new technologies, scaling the networks, network mergers and migrations.

3. During training I found my weak point in MPLS Traffic Engineering.

Also Online videos are helpful for self-study. Note: Video quality must be better, HD videos.




Hari Manayathu

Solutions Architect at Cisco Systems 


Thanks Orhan for the interactive sessions provided. Your bootcamp really helped to understand the preference of one technology over another on different design scenarios.

I would recommend the Orhan’s training for who are preparing for CCDEs and design engineers.

For the future, please consider to add more details about Segment Routing and SDN.





Konrad Rzadzinski 

Network Consultant – The Great Cornholio


We didn’t cover everything (5 days Dubai Bootcamp) but I learned quite a lot. And the book is truly spectacular and really useful.

Would recommend not only to CCDE candidates, but also to anyone trying to broaden their horizons.

We didn’t talk more about some technologies (like segment routing, unified/seamless MPLS) – but I understand, simply not enough time.

We could’ve done more case studies (and learn technology while doing those scenarios) – but We had a mix-experience group so first some ‘ overall ‘ theory was required.

All in all, money well spent 🙂



Abdulraouf Hamed Hosah

It was a great opportunity to join the Orhan Ergun’s Dubai CCDE Bootcamp. Mr Orhan did huge effort for the class to provide knowledge and more experience. It was a good experience.

Thank you Mr. Orhan





Alaa Issa

Sr.Solutions Architect Engineer – 3xCCIE ( Collab|DC|Security )#27146


I attended Orhan Ergun’s Dubai Bootcamp. Training was very good. Environment, tools , class interaction and the materials were very good.

Totally recommend it to intermediate to expert level engineers but I don’t encourage beginners to attend it.


Thanks a lot Orhan.



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33% discount until 1st of April 2017 on all CCDE Products !



33%  Discount – Limited seats !

On all CCDE Products
It is only valid until 1st of April 2017

33% OFF On Below Products ! 

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Discount is valid for both Online Instructor Led CCDE Training and In-Class Instructor Led Training.

I receive so many questions regarding Dubai Onsite bootcamp, this discount is valid for it as well.

Note : There is only 3 seats left for the Onsite bootcamp. You may not be able to register please contact immediately with sales@orhanergun.net


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40% discount for the NEW YEAR on all CCDE Products !



40% New Year Discount

On all CCDE Products
Starts December 16 Thru 31 of December 2016

40% OFF On Below Products ! 

CCDE In-Depth 
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Online CCDE Training  buy now »
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Note : Discount is valid for both Online Instructor Led CCDE Training and In-Class Instructor Led Training. 

It is not valid for Paperback CCDE In-Depth workbook. 



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Don’t miss this opportunity




Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday Special Discount
Starts November 24 at 5PM PST Thru November 28 9PM PST

30% OFF On Below Products ! 

CCDE In-Depth 
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August 2016 10 days Online CCDE Training

ccde bootcamp orhan ergun



CCDE Bootcamp – This is 10 days  Online Cisco CCDE exam preparation training. No travel, no accommodation or any other extra cost !


Probably you all know the success of Orhan Ergun’s CCDE Bootcamps and how it has been helping so many engineer to become a better network engineer/designer. If you don’t know, please just take a tour on the website. Check the Success Stories/Testimonials. 10s of my students passed the CCDE exam already !

Let’s continue to our journey with the August 2016 CCDE class. 10 days very comprehensive Cisco CCDE course !

Please note that, there is a 20% discount for the registrations until 5th of August.

When you register to this class, any upcoming retake is totally free.

I will place you in a study group with the other 20 CCDE candidates. Even after the class we will continue to study together.

Are you ready to pass the most respectful Cisco certificate !

Register Today with 40% Discount 



Module #1 Introduction to CCDE exam Read more

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CCDE Practical Lab Scenarios Bootcamp

Hi Everyone

I would like to inform all my readers that I have commenced the CCDE Practical Lab Exam Scenarios Bootcamp.

In the CCDE Practical Lab Scenarios Bootcamp, I will share the CCDE Practical Lab scenarios. Four Lab Scenarios will be covered.Of course, these scenarios depict some of the questions in the current CCDE practical exams. They will help you to understand the exam structure, to approach the questions and to pass the exam.

The difference from the regular CCDE Practical Bootcamp (not scenarios specific) is Read more

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Qatar and Dubai Onsite/Live CCDE Bootcamps

I am happy to announce that in addition to Online CCDE classes, I am going to open Onsite/Live Classes as well.

First CCDE Onsite class will be held in second week of May 2016 in Doha/Qatar.

Registration already started to this class and the location information will be shared shortly.

Also first week of September 2016 Onsite CCDE Class will be on Dubai.

Both are lovely cities and we will be meeting after the classes to hangout 🙂

I have been receiving so many request to open a class in Dubai and this is the chance to meet face to face. Let me help to achieve your CCDE dream.

Both classes will be 5 days long and everyday will be minimum 6 hours.

I will present 4 full length CCDE Scenarios in the classes.These scenarios are very close to the CCDE real exam based on my students feedback. Tens of students passed after they attend my classes, you will be the next one !

Also 50+ Case studies, theory information and best practices will be covered.

Prerequisite is to be familiar with routing and switching topics.

Course fee is same as online classes which is 2999$. You can pay in instalments as well.

If you have any question or payment arrangement send an email to orhan@orhanergun.net

For registration and the detail content of the course please CLICK HERE.

Note : Please indicate which class you want to join during the registration.

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Last 5 Days to Enjoy the DesignWorld Subscription Discount

Hello Everyone

As you all know, the DesignWorld is a place where you can find network design videos, articles, quizzes, and comparison charts. Currently, only CCDE resources are there, but the good news is that other courses will be added, too. In addition, CCDA and CCDP courses will be added.

There was a promotion for the DesignWorld subscription. It has been sold for a $499, which is 50% of the actual price($999).

We announced this discount for only 50 people. Although more than 50 people have already registered, now we have decided to extend it by more than 5 days. So, hurry now to subscribe!

Read more

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April 2016 CCDE Bootcamp

CCDE Bootcamp – This is an Online Cisco CCDE exam preparation training.

Probably you all know the success of Orhan Ergun’s CCDE Bootcamps and how it has been helping so many engineer become a better network engineer/designer. If you don’t know, please just take a tour on the website. Check the Success Stories, Why Orhan and the Sample Videos.

Let’s continue to our journey with the April 2016 CCDE class.

Please note that, there is a 20% discount for the early registrations. February 15 is the last day.

Come and learn the network design from the best !

Read more

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orhanergun.net 2015 review

I’m proud to be the owner of the best computer network design blog and get positive feedbacks from users all over the world. In recent times, I have observed that everybody has been reading this blog. Because of this, I owe all the readers of this blog my achievements. Indeed, your comments and post views have encouraged me to write more insightful articles on this platform.

Let me share some statistics since 2015.

I published 105 posts in 2015. Two of my top posts – Seamless MPLS and Segment Routing Fundamentals – have over 4500 views.

Last year, 44,209 internet users visited the site with 233,998 page views. This is the first year of orhanergun.net and it is already listed on Alexa Rank, far ahead of most of the networking blogs. Most of the traffic came from Google and some from Linkedin, perhaps because I have over 6000 connections on the cyber space.

I have trained 54 students so far in my CCDE bootcamp classes, and most of them contacted me via this blog. In fact, 10 of them attended the exam and 6 of them passed the exam.

I hope that in 2016, there will be more than 100 students.

Recently I enabled the paid membership area, which has all the CCDE videos, CCDE tests, scenarios, and network design books.

After doing that, 100+ members registered and the number of students has continued to increase considerably.

Now orhanergun.net is hosted on every advanced platform. Working together with 2 proofreaders and 2 developers, I am planning to improve the website by hiring more professionals. If you would like to work with us, feel free to fill the contact form.


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January 2016 Online CCDE Bootcamp

I have just decided to schedule my next online class for the February 2016 CCDE Practical exam preparation because of three reasons. One is the high level of demand for my early CCDE bootcamps; the other is the overwhelming number of students pursuing the CCDE; the last is the high numbers of students who passed the exam from my class.

Click here for an overview of the students who have passed the latest (October 2015 ) CCDE Practical exam.

This class will not only include an overview of the technology concepts needed to pass the exam but also include several mini and full design scenario that mimic the structure of the CCDE lab exam.

Read more

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November CCDE Achievers

I am very proud to announce that Daniel Lardeux, Johnny Britt and Mohammad Haddad passed the CCDE Practical exam yesterday and they joined the CCDE Club, which is one of the most respected IT certifications.

Their CCDE numbers will arrive in a couple of days.

See the existing Global List of the CCDEs, their companies and numbers here. If you are not in the list, have changed your company or want to be on the list, contact me.

Daniel and Mohammad joined my July class and Johnny used the CCDE Practical preparation bundle.

I would like to stress that four guys from my class or using my preparation resources attempted the November 2015 CCDE Practical exam and three of them passed! A 75% success rate is not a small thing for this certification.

They all glad that they have not only learned the CCDE-related topics but also the real life network design.

Read more

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Cisco CCDE Practical Self Study Materials

CCDE Practical Self Study Materials are available now !

Update : This materials are more than a year old. New workbook will release by July 15th 2016 as hard copy only. Old materials only cover 30% of the new book. Also videos are not available for download anymore, only can be accessible with subscription. Please click here for subscription. 


Advanced Technologies Workbook

Update : New book has 50+ Case Studies, 20+ Comparison Charts , 10 Design Quizzes and Answers , as well as full length CCDE Practical Scenario.


Old Book : Design advices from a practical standpoint , more than 10 case studies and 1 CCDE practical sample scenario. You will have 1 year free update.

Read more

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CCDE Practical Training Demo Video

I have been delivering CCDE practical training for quite some time. Couple months ago I have started a survey for my CCDE training. 134 people voted and here is the results.

ccde practical class

Read more