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CCDE Preparation Tips and Tricks by Yoshinori Okayama – World’s first 8xCCIE & CCDE

Yoshinori Okayama

Disclaimer : This is a Guest Post, prepared by Yoshinori Okayama, 8xCCIE & CCDE for www.orhanergun.net which is the most visited and well known network design website in the world.

First of all, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yoshinori Okayama. As a CEO, I’m managing my own company called Root Riff Systems, Inc. in Japan and holding 8xCCIE/CCDE.

I started my career as just a PC support engineer for consumer users, but I got bored with this. To enter IT infrastructure world, I passed MCSE 2000 and CCNA certification about 13 years ago as a server engineer.

But I got bored and tired with the server world with AD, Exchange, Linux/Unix, scripting, SAN, too much unnecessary logs and so on, jumped into the networking world and ever since I keep doing this.

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Google CCDE Group Study

Ethan Banks and I have been managing Google CCDE Study Group for more than 2 years. Ethan who is the packetpushers.net founder and friend of mine created this study group to discuss Cisco Certified Design Expert related topics and real life network design with the experts.

Google Study Group has full of CCDE related topics !

I was a group Manager until yesterday. Since Ethan is very busy with his other projects and I am fully focused on CCDE preparation, training and helping the people who are interested in CCDE and network design, He decided to left the group ownership to me.

There are 500 people in the group and 100 topics related with network design, networking technologies,protocols, best practices and the journey of the people who achieved CCDE certification successfully. 

If you are not membership of the Google CCDE Group Study yet, you can apply now.

In order to protect the group from spam , we have been asking a reason for participation and I will continue in the same way. Please indicate your reason, join the group and start to get benefits of all network design and CCDE related topic !

If you are interested in Group Management role, let me know.

Also please be informed that registrations started for my July CCDE Training , check this new registration page.

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Orhan Ergun July 2015 CCDE Training

Attention CCDE Practical & CCIE Career Track Candidates!

I am pleased to announce that my next online WebEx CCDE live stream training will begin on July 20th, 2015.
This class will be recorded and distributed to all students for their future review.

This class will not only help CCDE students pass their practical exam, but also aid CCIE candidates fill in knowledge gaps and further their understand of technical concepts and theory.

Course will be delivered over a one month period, 3 days a week, 3 hours per session.
This is to allow the student to digest the information as well as work through the topics presented.
This approach not only aids in your retention of the information presented, but is also HIGHLY cost effective since ancillary training costs (travel and lodging) are nil.
Students may also take future CCDE offerings free of charge until they pass their CCDE.

To find out what previous students are saying about this course (click here).
Success stories of previous students as well as their thoughts on my training versus others (click here).
To watch a sample video module (click here).

What is covered ?

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