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VXLAN EVPN – VxLAN is an overlay technology that encapsulates a Layer 2 frame into UDP header to extend your Layer 2 domain over a Layer 3 underlay infrastructure. Within the UDP header, there is VxLAN header, within this header you have a VxLAN Network identifier (VNI) represented by 24 bits, it means that you have more than 16 million logical networks (recall that you can configure up to 4096 VLANs only)



The idea behind developing such kind of technologies is to overcome some business and technical requirements in todays’ Datacenter architectures such as:


  • Datacenter interconnect, workloads live migration.
  • Using infrastructure resources efficiently and getting rid of any scalability issues related to Spanning tree or VLANs number.
  • Limiting resources consumption due to flooding symptom.


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