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DMVPN Point-to-Point GRE and mGRE

DMVPN spokes can use either point-to-point GRE tunnels or multipoint GRE tunnel interface. Recently, I received a question regarding DMVPN.

In fact, the Reader asked me two questions: When is GRE used in network design? When is mGRE used in network design?

Answering the aforementioned questions are the basics that you must know if you are planning to design DMVPN network.

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DMVPN Basics

In this article you will learn about the DMVPN design along with various IGP protocols such as EIGRP,OSPF and BGP.


DMVPN uses two major technologies for its operation :


  1. NHRP Next Hop Resolution Protocol
  2. mGRE Multipoint GRE

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