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orhanergun.net 2015 review

I’m proud to be the owner of the best computer network design blog and get positive feedbacks from users all over the world. In recent times, I have observed that everybody has been reading this blog. Because of this, I owe all the readers of this blog my achievements. Indeed, your comments and post views have encouraged me to write more insightful articles on this platform.

Let me share some statistics since 2015.

I published 105 posts in 2015. Two of my top posts – Seamless MPLS and Segment Routing Fundamentals – have over 4500 views.

Last year, 44,209 internet users visited the site with 233,998 page views. This is the first year of orhanergun.net and it is already listed on Alexa Rank, far ahead of most of the networking blogs. Most of the traffic came from Google and some from Linkedin, perhaps because I have over 6000 connections on the cyber space.

I have trained 54 students so far in my CCDE bootcamp classes, and most of them contacted me via this blog. In fact, 10 of them attended the exam and 6 of them passed the exam.

I hope that in 2016, there will be more than 100 students.

Recently I enabled the paid membership area, which has all the CCDE videos, CCDE tests, scenarios, and network design books.

After doing that, 100+ members registered and the number of students has continued to increase considerably.

Now orhanergun.net is hosted on every advanced platform. Working together with 2 proofreaders and 2 developers, I am planning to improve the website by hiring more professionals. If you would like to work with us, feel free to fill the contact form.


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50 000 Page views of orhanergun.net between March-May 2015

This blog received 50 000 page views between 1 of March and 1 th of May.I shared you couple more metrics from the site stats in addition to Pageviews.

Since at the same time two classes I teach ( Pre-CCDE and CCDE ) in addition to my other jobs, I couldn’t update the blog since a month too much. But still very good numbers and I thank all of you.


orhanergun.net statistics


A picture is worth a thousand words.

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orhanergun.net February 2015 Site Statistics

As a blog which mostly share network design articles and only launched less than 2 months before, traffic to orhanergun.net surprised me.

Let’s see the page views,top articles,  top countries and top commenters. Read more