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ASK your questions and SHARE your opinion

I receive lots of questions from my students, readers, customers, followers on network design.

I try to  answer as quickly as possible and in detail.

Thanks to all of them ! I receive a lot of kind emails, messages from them to put my effort on this blog as well.

But for many reasons, I have created this category.

  • Those questions and answer can be beneficial to many other people if I post them here.
  • It is hard anymore to reply every email individually, at least timely manner.
  • When I share a post on social media, I receive a lot of feedback and have a good conversations there. Please share them here as well 🙂

Thus, please ask your questions, give your suggestions for the questions, share your opinion for the blog,recommend new blog categories,

So do you like this blog ? Share in the comment box below if you liked