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What is VLAN Load Balancing?

In layer 2 switching, the Ethernet frames should be received from the same port where it was sent, otherwise layer 2 switching or switching loop occurs.

Let me explain this concept with the topology depicted below (Figure -1).


vlan load balancingFigure -1 VLAN load balancing

In the above figure, either Port 1 or Port2 is used to send the traffic, and the same port should be used to receive the traffic. The switches use MAC addresses to process the Ethernet frames. Read more

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What is a Micro Loop in Routing?

Micro loop can be found in fast-rerouted networks. Fast reroute, as a proactive convergence mechanism, provides sub-second data plane convergence.

If any link fails, upstream node sends the traffic through the repaired path to the downstream device. For the downstream node to be used as a backup/repair node, it should be loop-free.

What do all these mean? The picture below provides further explanations.


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