MPLS QoS Tunneling Modes Comparison

HSRP vs VRRP vs GLBP Comparison

EoMPLS vs VPLS vs MPLS L3 VPN Comparison

DMVPN vs GETVPN Comparison



  1. Thank you for the charts, very useful. It would be nice to add the missing requirements on the left of the routing protocols comparison table. it would make it more comprehensive.

    • Thanks Lefteris for the feedback, I just changed it with the correct one. By the way I shared here just couple of the technologies comparison charts as a sample. For much more comparison charts as well as design videos and quizzes, please know that DesignWorld subscription for 699$/year provides all.

  2. Dear Orhan,

    This is good document to test the knowledge in a minute (summarized way).
    good stuff.
    Can you please add the periodic update point for “OSPF vs IS-IS vs EIGRP vs BGP” chart.

    • There will be more charts added this week on different technologies as well. In design, understanding the capabilities, similarities and the differences of the technologies/tools are essential.

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