Our Company will be your support partner that delivers new Installation, Configuration and Implementation Service,
Onsite Workshops, Onsite Operation/Support, Remote Support/Troubleshooting Sessions, Testing Service to Install New Services
and fix the problems fast and to help you minimize downtime and quickly return applications to service.

Onsite Workshops

Onsite Operation and support

Remote Support and Troubleshooting Sessions

This Service consists of holding workshops with your team in terms to clarify architecture into detailed solutions.

These workshops are delivered at the customer location .Projects and Customer Requirements are gathered through online meetings, emails, and webinars and finally solutions are provided at the customer location.

We provide your staff with the best quality workshop they have ever experienced.

At this stage we support the Project with On-Site Support Engineers and also with Remote Experts from our office. Based on the request and the scope of the project, a number of our dedicated Technical Support Engineers will be located at the Customer Project Location .If required, these onsite Engineers will also be supported by our Experts that are in the Headquarter Office

With the Remote support service, we will work as a support partner to deliver end-to-end troubleshooting and the expertise to fix the problem fast to help you minimize downtimes and quickly return networks to service.

We will rapidly identify and troubleshoot your network outages and performance issues and also deploy and troubleshoot new technologies or services.(in production and prior to roll-out) .
Managing and validating infrastructure changes are done in this service, while minimizing disruption to your operations.

With this service, our Experts will provide both on-site and remote options to configure and deploy your new network. We ensure optimum configurations for your new equipment to get your equipment properly configured.

With this service, before implementing your new network, we create a customized test environment that simulates your unique end-to-end deployment scenario, so it reduces your project risk, ensures a seamless implementation of new technology into your production environment, and accelerates your time to deployment.