I am currently attending Orhan’s CCDE Lab preparation Bootcamp and I must say the guy has exceeded my expectations in all ways in terms of quality, depth etc. I have been to another CCDE class from another vendor which was very different. That class was very different since for couple of days we only talked about some scenarios. While that is a good way to get feel of real exam, it hardly solves your fundamentals queries with technology from design standpoint. In Orhan’s Lab preparation class he fills this huge gap by combining in depth technology discussion with mini scenarios and he even talks about his real life experiences with particular technology and challenges we might face which certainly most books and design documents don’t talk about. I would recommend this class to all potential CCDE Lab candidates and even to people which want to strengthen their network design skills in real life.

Deepak Kumar Sharma

Senior Network Consultant at HCL Technologies



Orhan’s ability to cover the vast technical topics required for the CCDE is tremendous. He is not only very technical; he is also an amazing teacher. Orhan explains things to his students in ways that are very simple and easy to follow and he is very patient with his students. This is the second time I have attended his CCDE course and it just keeps getting better. If you couple his blog with his training courses you can’t go wrong.

I recommend his CCDE training to anyone serious about wanting to attempt the CCDE exam, but also to anyone who wants to learn more about network design and become a better engineer in general.

I will be taking my CCDE exam in the coming weeks. I can say that without Orhan’s help, I would not feel as prepared as I do.

He is a great teacher, mentor and a close personal friend.

Thanks Orhan!

Jason Gooley, CCIEx2 (RS, SP) #38759

Systems Engineer

Cisco Systems Inc.


I am currently attending the CCDE bootcamp and enjoy it a lot, I choose to attend because of the great posts that Orhan is putting on his website and the fact it’s 2-3 hours per session two times a week so you can combine it very good with work and private.
Before I signed up I didn’t know what to expect but it’s for sure a great design course and preparation for the CCDE exam. Mainly because of the interaction with Orhan who is really an expert in explaining all the different technologies and making perfect designs out of them.
Roy Lexmond

Senior Network Engineer at Routz



I attended the CCDE Class in April of 2015, and it was exactly what I needed,
Orhan is taking the pain to break down the different technologies. Very useful even for every day work and really helpful.
Time spent at the CCDE Class is also very incisive opening me up to how to attack the exam.
Thank you Orhan with who I have been in contact with throughout this quest and always made himself available to answer any questions I had.
He is instrumental in my learning and helping me prepare the CCDE who one of the most rigorous Network Design exams in the industry,
Thank again Orhan.

Daniel Lardeux

Senior Network Consultant at Post Telecom PSF



Training by Orhan is not a CCDE preperation training only. It will be usefull for engineers which are dealing with designing networks in their daily basis. Orhan’s CCDE training gives detailed understanding not about field implementation of technology such as IOS commands,debugs etc, but it gives you understanding about how technology works, or which technology to choose in particular busines case, when,why and how to design it’s architecture. And after that Orhan guide you through “what-if something fails”cases, which are gives you more deep understanding about information you must take in consideration in you further technology selection and designing process to be sure that you network will not just work, but also will be stress resistant.
Highly recommended for pre-CCDE engineers,designers and solution makers.
You will get live lectures, discussions and mentor which is always ready to help you
and even discuss topics that are not covered in CCDE but are really inportand in design process.

Ruslan Silyayev
Pre-sale engineer/Solution architect
System integrator
Cisco Gold partner


I am attending CCDE study sessions with Orhan. I am having a great time. This is not only an opportunity to sit with very intelligent and experienced individuals in network field, also the way Orhan is teaching is friendly, rather than telling he is trying to deliver the knowledge of design and best practices. We are discussing many design challenges relevant to real network life.

Muhammad Abubakar Siddique (2xCCIE SP|DC , JNCIE-SP, VCP-NV)

Senior Network Architect, Universal E-Busines

New York City, NY, US


 I am writing to recommend Orhan Ergun. I observed that he is willing to take new challenges to impart instructions and create an excellent class room environment. His instructional methods are quite modern.

He contributed immensely to our knowledge by developing core curriculum and providing instructional support which are both futuristic in nature and conform to CCDE standards.

What I found to be Orhan’s best asset was his ability to utilize appropriate language and positive discipline to manage effective interactions with his students. As a model of appropriate behavior,
he is in a league of his own and can provide extra instructional support based on individual student assessments. Every aspect of his teaching is innovative to say the least; instruction,
Assessment, interaction, communication, documentation, administration and classroom management are just some of his areas of expertise as far as teaching is concerned.I am confident that he would contribute effectively to your CCDE.

Haroon Aslam
Network Consulting Engineer at Cisco Systems
CCIE: 2 (R&S/DC)



Orhan is very knowledgeable, knows the technology very cold. I had tied schedules but he has all the timeto respond back to all my questions and gave me suggested way of designing some projects designs which am going through now. Moreover, before you join the class I will entreat you to know basic switching and ip routing since it is the basic foundation for this pre-ccde class. I have attended 3 Pre-CCDE sessions but all the sessions he looks very lively and have the expert to deliver. This is a real live one on one online lessons, no powerpoint slides.

What I like about Orhan is he has the time to reply back to any kind of doubts you might have in relation to this class. I will like everyone to register for this class. You will have the opportunity to create a very cordial relationship with him which i think you will never get anywhere. I recommend this class for anyone who has doubts in Designing and wanted to learn more about cisco Design. Remember Orhan has time for all your questions. Please do ask questions when you go for this class so that you might not leave with empty head thank you.

Benedict Agyemang

Internal Network Engineer at NetBrain Global


Pre-CCDE class was a good introduction to the CCDE. You have to show up to class and be ready to ask questions as this is the only true way to get out what you put in. This class will give you a good idea of where you are and where you need to be to complete the CCDE. Orhan did a good job of talking about CCDE and design and showing you all the pieces you will need to put together to be successful not only in the exam but in the real world.


Garry L. Baker




Mr. Orhan is one the best teachers in network design, I have learned a lot from him about CCDE and real time network design scenarios.The depth knowledge will gain the confidence of candidate.

One more thing to add I found this boot camp a very useful with everything we talked about, that have opened my mind and gave me a good knowledge.

I strongly refer this course to every candidate who is appearing in CCDE exam.

Ahmad Manzoor Ahmad

Sr.Presales & Product Manager AGCN Pakistan/Getronics