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What are the changes in August 2017 CCDE Practical exam ?

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What are the changes in 2017 CCDE Practical/Lab exam ?


As you might know, CCDE Practical/Lab exam was cancelled on May 2017 due to some leakage. Some people tried to sell the scenarios, Cisco cancelled the exam and revoke the certifications of those who involved with that cheating. Some people among them can be innocent, I am sure Cisco will find it too.


In August exam, everyone was expecting totally new scenarios but did it happen ? What are the new focused topics ? Which technologies, candidates should focus more for the next CCDE Practical/Lab exam ?


Before answering this question, let me explain the scoring process first.


As you might know, until 2017 February CCDE Practical exam, when you finish the exam, after 8 hours and clock on ‘ End Exam ‘ button, you used to see either pass or fail. Immediately ! So, same day you used to learn whether you should schedule for the next exam or starting the celebrations.

This is not the case anymore.

August 2017, CCDE Practical exam attendees, when they finish the exam and click on ‘ End Exam ‘, they saw the message ‘ Your exam results will be delivered in 10 – 12 ‘ weeks.


Many of my students and the people on the Internet stated that when they need to wait almost three most, they will loose their momentum for study and they may not be able to schedule the next exam. But, security always comes with a cost, right. I think this was done to protect the exam more and in fact, I talked with someone from Cisco Certification Exam Security Team about long waiting process, and his statement was :

” We can’t risk our certifications being de-valued and the CCDE is, if not the most prestigious! We’re doing everything we can to uphold the integrity of all Cisco Certifications ”

Let me your thought about this situation in the comment section below.

Let’s continue.

As people couldn’t learn their exam score right after the August 29 , 2017 exam, I couldn’t announce the names of those who passed the exam with my CCDE training. Let’s just wait three months..

What about the practical scenarios , what changed ? Which technologies you need to focus on ?

I think, Cisco did the good job in a short time frame. I can’t talk about the questions , even If I know the details, but I can say that there are many new technologies.

Some candidates wrote me that couple old scenarios were in the exam but I can assure you that even in the old ones, there are some new technologies.

I mean with the ‘ New Technologies ‘ the technologies which were not in the old scenarios.


Let me give you a bit trick, start studying IPv6 for both IP and MPLS networks. All the features for routing , multicast , QoS , security , address planning , VPNs with it. As always, comparisons are important. IPv4 and IPv6 comparison from design aspect for the above features and more..


I see more Enterprise technologies with the August 2017 CCDE exam and this proves that CCDE Practical is not only for those who are master in SP technologies. Trust me, both Enterprise and Service Providers , even more; Content Networks, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Mobile Operators and more. All have been covered in the CCDE Practical exam. You can learn these business models in my this course.

Also, there is no Open Ended Question. I was expecting to see, as Open Ended Question would bring extra security to the exam, there is no open ended question. Exam format, question types are same, no change.


Okay, there are new technologies, new scenarios and new technologies in the old scenarios with the August CCDE exam, but How can I help you more ?

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