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CCDE Practical/Lab Exam Result Policy

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Many of my students have been asking whether CCDE Practical/Lab Exam Result policy is still the same.

As you might know after CCDE 2017 May exam cancellation , practical exam results can be learned after 8 to 12 weeks. This mean, if you attend CCDE Practical exam, you cannot learn the result (Pass or fail) on the same day. It was the case until CCDE 2017 May exam.

You used to finish the 8 hours exam and when you click the end exam button, exam result was just there !

This is not the case anymore. Last CCDE Practical exam was on November 2017 and the attendees are still waiting their results as of today. There is no any new announcement by Cisco and I would expect the same thing for February 27, 2018 CCDE Practical exam.

Learning exam result is good probably for the exam security but I hear complaints from the students and i think some of my readers are thinking the same.

They say, if they knew that they failed , they could schedule the next exam. Exam results of the previous one arrives right before the next one , thus , candidates cannot find a time to reschedule in case they fail.

I think, Cisco should change the policy again and students can learn the result same day or at least in a week so they can schedule the next exam , book the flights , hotel etc.

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