Success Stories

Michael Zsiga

Orhan goes into a great level of detail to explain the design implications of each technology and the relationships with ... Read More

Lead Architect at ePlus

Daniel Lardeux

I passed the CCDE Practical exam and Orhan’s CCDE course was very important contributor to my success. ... Read More

Senior Network Consultant at Post Telecom

Jason Gooley

Orhan’s ability to cover the vast technical topics required for the CCDE is tremendous. He is not only very technical; ... Read More

System Engineer at Cisco Systems

Deepak Kumar

I attended Orhan’s CCDE Course and I must say the guy has exceeded my expectations in all ways in terms of quality, de ... Read More

Senior Network Engineer at HCL

Roy Lexmond

After I attended Orhan Ergun’s CCDE course I passed the CCDE practical exam.I really enjoyed the course a lot. Befo ... Read More

Senior Network Designer at Routz CCDE #20150017 & CCIE R&S #26557

Hashiru Aminu

I passed the most respectful Cisco exam CCDE on August 2016. I became first Nigerian CCDE and Orhan Ergun’s CCDE Bootc ... Read More

3xCCIE, CCDE #20160014 Technical Leader Services at Cisco Systems

Nicholas Russo

I signed up for Orhan’s self-paced CCDE training. This training is very technically detailed and the use-cases, quizze ... Read More

Network Consulting Engineer (CCDE/CCIEx2), Cisco

Anders C. Petersen

Orhan is forcing you to take off the implementation hat that most of us have been wearing for many years, instead he is ... Read More

Network Systems Engineer at Conscia A/S CCIE #42544 (SP) & CCDE #20160015

Tahir Munir

I passed the CCDE exam on November 17,2016.Orhan’s CCDE Live class and Self Paced training course helped me a lot to p ... Read More

Infrastructure Consultant at Accenture CCDE #20160031, 3XCCIE

Felix Nkansah

If you are considering studying for the coveted Cisco CCDE certification, make good use of the Cisco recommended reading ... Read More

Chief Executive Officer at Red Mango CCDE #20160036, 2XCCIE

Kim Pedersen

I’ve used Orhan’s self-paced CCDE training material. If you are interested in knowing how all the technologies go to ... Read More

CCIE in RS and SP (#29189) CCDE#20170021

Concepcion Diaz

The eleven days spent in Orhan bootcamp was invaluable in helping me build confidence and master my design concepts. Aft ... Read More


Laurent Metzger

Hi Orhan. I passed the CCDE exam on February 22. I read everything that you put on your Self Paced CCDE Training course ... Read More

3xCCIE/CCDE Senior Network Architect

Pramod K G

Thanks Orhan for your Instructor Led CCDE Bootcamp. It was very informative for CCDE Written and Lab preparations. Perso ... Read More

CCDE# 2017::5/CCIE# 49662

Jaroslaw Dobkowski

I passed CCDE exam on first attempt and Orhan’s bootcamp helped me switching mind-set from an engineer to designer. Th ... Read More

CCDE# 2017::53/CCIE#22260 (RS, SP, DC)

Martin J. Duggan

I attended Orhan’s April 201610 days CCDE Bootcamp. I am CCDE now ! You can tell Orhan has a great deal of experience ... Read More

Network Architect at AT&T, Ciscopress Author CCDE #20160006 & CCIE#7942

Muhammad Abubakar

Your excellent CCDE materials and amazing Bootcamp helped me tremendously through my learning journey.Also thank you ver ... Read More

Lead Network Architect – CCDE #20160016 2xCCIE #26693 2xJNCIE VCIX

Ahmad Manzoor

Orhan is the best teacher in network design, I have learned a lot from him about the CCDE and real life network design.T ... Read More

Senior Manager at PTCL/Etisalat

Amit Temkar

I became a member of for the CCDE preparation. For CCDE exam, there are very few quality trainings availa ... Read More

Technical Designer at BT

Jeriel Atienza

I was super excited to the take the online class and I’m happy to say that the class was way beyond my expectations. I ... Read More

Technical Board Advisor at Mundo Startel

Avinash Gupta

Orhan Bootcamp is really informative & I gain lots of knowledge from him. It helps to prepare the CCDE & Also in your wo ... Read More

Solution Architect at Zensar Technologies

Jigz Bagsic Jr

I was glad attending Orhan online CCDE class last year. The manner he delivers the topic and explains each of our questi ... Read More

Senior Network Engineer at Alinma Bank/Saudi Arabia

Tony Vu

Your excellent CCDE materials and amazing Bootcamp helped me tremendously through my learning journey. Thank you Orhan a ... Read More

Technical Specialist at Optus

Haroon Aslam

I attended Orhan’s CCDE Bootcamp and it was great. He contributed immensely to our knowledge by developing core curric ... Read More

Network Consulting Engineer at Cisco Systems

Garry L. Baker

I attended Orhan’s Pre-CCDE class and it was really helpful for me. Pre-CCDE class was a good introduction to the CCDE ... Read More

Author at Packetpushers

Jennifer Pai

Thanks Orhan very much for this course. It helped strengthen my “Network design mind”. I enjoyed the whole sessions ... Read More

Network/Security Engineer at KNET Technology

Ruslan Silyayev

Training by Orhan is not a CCDE preperation training only. It will be usefull for engineers which are dealing with desig ... Read More

Solution Architect at R.I.S.K Company

Sameer Meher

Orhan Ergun’s CCDE course in Jan 2016 was very good. CCDE Level Intelligence was delivered very well and with very use ... Read More

Solutions Architect at 23 Wards/Japan

Tharak Abraham

I passed the CCDE Lab exam thanks to Orhan. Orhan's CCDE Course is great CCDE Resource. The course is detailed with tech ... Read More

Network Architecture | Engineering | Consulting | CCDE # 2019::5

Ken Young

If anyone wants to understand network design and architecture, also pass CCDE exam , I recommend you to attend Orhan's o ... Read More

Senior Technical Architect Province of Nova Scotia, 2xCCIE #41597 | CCDE #20170047

Matt Cross

Orhan did an excellent job of filling in the gaps of knowledge that I had that took me to the finish line of the practic ... Read More

Technical Architect at Heartland – CCDE #2019::7

Dmytro Osmachka

Orhan, I came, I learned and now I got my CCDE number! For those who prepare for the CCDE Practical exam, all what yo ... Read More

CCDE #2019::10

Shiling Ding

Just passed the CCDE Practical exam! I attended Orhan Ergun’s CCDE training program, used Orhan's Instructor Led and S ... Read More

Sentinel Technologies - CCDE #2019::12

Abelardo Basurto

Hi everyone, I've just passed the CCDE Exam. My Number is CCDE 2018::6 I attended to Online CCDE Bootcamp of Orhan. ... Read More

Solutions Architect at Cisco Systems - CCDE 2018::6

Hady Mohamed Abdellah

Hi guys, I'm so happy that I passed the exam. I've already got my number CCDE 2018::1. Thanks to Orhan for being the ... Read More

Network Architect Hamad International Airport Qatar - CCDE 2018::1

Bryan Bartik

Thanks Orhan , I passed the CCDE Practical exam! I really enjoyed your CCDE materials, quizzes , labs and the use cases! ... Read More

Sr. Systems Engineer at CompuNet - CCDE 20170059

Giedrius Trapkauskas

I attended Orhan's CCDE Training in Istanbul and it was very helpful in my preparation. I passed the exam recently and I ... Read More

Network Solutions Architect at Liberty Global - CCDE 20180004

Alaa Issa

I passed the CCDE Practical/Lab exam! I registered to Orhan’s training in Feb 2017. From that time, I attended Orhan ... Read More

Sr.Solutions Architect - CCDE#20180033 3xCCIE ( Collab|DC|Security )#27146

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Fast Reroute, Fast Convergence, WRED and WFQ

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What is AIGP – Accumulated IGP Metric Attribute? Where AIGP is used?

What is AIGP - Accumulated IGP Metric Attribute? Where AIGP is used? AIGP stands for Accumulated IGP Metric Attribute which is specified in RFC 7311. IGPs (Interior Gateway Protocols) are designed to run within a single administrative domain and they make path-selection...

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