OE Business Plan
Your employees can access all the courses on our site with this plan.
You can view the progress and detailed reports.
Train Your Team

Train all your employees with beginner to expert level courses


Team Members will get all course certification of completion

Access All Courses

Your team access all courses (Expert level courses included)

Detailed Reports

Managers can get detailed reports for their team members

Growth & Success

Business plan creates a platform of growth and success!

Role Management

Director, Department Manager or Team Member roles

Add or Remove Team Members

Your learning seats have been allocated. You can add your team members to the platform to begin their training. If a team member leaves, you can remove their access and transfer it to a new member.

Role Management

You can manage the platform according to your needs. You can delegate roles to members so that they can manage individual groups. Make as many groups as you need and manage them effectively.

Department Based Reports

With groups set you can track their progress through the use of leaderboards. You have the flexibility to customize your groups to your preference, allowing you to set them up as granularly as you wish.

User Based Reports

You can view the progress of each individual team member, On our platform, you can tailor the progress tracking to be as granular as you want. You can view how much time was spent on each course to what was the last lecture that was accessed.


Upon completing a course, you get a certificate signed by Orhan Ergun. Show off your certicate on LinkedIn, Twitter.

Access New Courses

You have access to all the courses in the catalogue and that includes new courses. You will be able to access courses as soon as they are added. If a new course is requested, Business users are treated as priority.

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Is there a minimum requirement for the Business All-Access Pass subscription?

Yes, the minimum requirement is 2 seats

Can we ask for a Demo?

Yes, please send us a message with your name and name of your company and we can demo the platform.

Are there any discounts?

Yes, depending on your requirements, the pricing will be different. Please reach out to check how much discount you can avail.

Is there a time limit on the Business All-Access Pass?

Yes, the minimum is 1 year and the maximum is 10 years. You will get access to all the new courses.

Is there any Technical Support?

Yes, all student will be invited to the study group and instructors and other student help with issue.