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CCDE Study Guide

CCDE Study Guide – Are you looking for a book that will teach you all the topics on advanced technical networking? If so, I would be very pleased to recommend CCDE Study Guide written by Marwan Al-Shawi to you.

As one of the professionals who contributed immensely to this book, I must admit that Marwan wrote this book in collaboration with a number of savvy designers. IT experts who contributed to this wonderful book include Russ White, Andre Laurent, Denise Fishbourne, Ivan Papeljnak, and Orhan Ergun. In fact, all the IT concepts in this book are enlightening! The book has many drawings, which will assist learners to understand network design.

Today, I spoke with one of my old friend, an expert in CCDE, who read Marwan's book, and his comment was this: “The book contains pictures that explain a thousand words."

The most important topics of the networking design, especially for the CCDE exam, are layer 3 technologies such as IGP, BGP, MPLS, Inter-AS MPLS, and IPv6 and VPNs. These topics are extensively covered in this book.

These topics are very important because CCDE exam is a layer 3 infrastructure exam and because these technologies provide an infrastructure of underlay network.

IPv6, QoS, multicast, security, and other topics on network design can be considered less important because they could be assumed as an overlay. Another boon about this book is that it has many comparison charts, which would assist readers to have a solid grasp of the concepts. In CCDE exam, you should expect questions that would ask you to compare the technologies since one of the main ideas behind any network design is to know when and where to use the optimal technology.

You should read this book as well as other recommended resource books before reading other important books on CCDE.

It is pertinent that you should have a basic knowledge of the technologies before reading this book. In addition, I would be very pleased to recommend this book – Ciscopress CCDP Arch by John Tiso – to my students and followers. I expect anybody that wants to pass CCDE to read Ciscopress CCDP before perusing other relevant books on network design.

Cisco Press CCDE Study Guide is a complimentary book to Orhan Ergun's CCDE Practical Workbook which consist of CCDE practical case studies and the design scenarios.

I want to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to CiscoPress and Marwan for offering my readers an excellent promo until the end of this year.

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