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Cisco CCNP ENCOR 350 - 401 Training

41:36:12 Hours
137 Lectures


Cisco CCNP ENARSI 300-410 Training

32:44:13 Hours
105 Lectures


Cisco CCNP Enterprise Bundle Training (Encor + Enarsi)

74:22:34 Hours
243 Lectures




is it even related?, or should I ask "comparable?" Yes it is both actually, and in this blog, we will review both of the exams, talk about the agenda, which one should be taken before the other, and results of both of them. Relation between CCNP ENCOR vs ENARSI both the exam belongs to the certificate of Cisco CCNP Enterprise,  and taking each individually will grant you A Certificate!

so it is a win-win scenario, but still, the question is which one should I take first, and that will be followed below

Difference between CCNP ENCOR vs ENARSI Agenda

ENCOR first, generally a Technology Core exam, focusing on 7 domains of knowledge:

  • Architecture
  • Virtualization (Device, Path, and Network Virtualization)
  • Infrastructure (Switching, Routing, and IP Service)
  • Assurance
  • Security
  • WLAN
  • Automation

and NO DEEP DIVE in any of these!!! while for ENARSI:

  • Virtualization (Path Virtualization)
  • Infrastructure (Routing and IP Services)
  • Security

and that's it!

  • No Architecture
  • In Virtualization, no Device nor Network Virtualization, and the path of Virtualization is different than ENCOR.
  • As in the ENCOR you get GRE over IPSec, while in the ENARSI there is mGRE with IPSec
  • Infrastructure routing in the ENCOR has (describe EIGRP, configure normal area OSPF, configure direct eBGP)
  • For ENRASI routing, it is kind of unlimited, almost a CCIE level with all of EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP)
  • IP Service and Security are similar
  • NO WLAN nor Automation at all in the ENARSI

Take the ENCOR before ENARSI, better!

Yes as for the points covered in the ENARSI, all of the topics/protocols are also mentioned in the ENCOR, with of course much more shallow inspecting in the ENCOR, so the ENCOR will be a good introduction to the technologies that you will go deep dive within the ENARSI

CCNP ENCOR vs ENARSI study plan

The ENCOR will take more, than 7 modules, and 7 domains of knowledge, even though there is no deep dive, the agenda is large enough to take around 30% more of the time required to prepare for the 4 modules of the ENARSI

CCNP ENCOR vs ENARSI exams from Cisco

With the ENCOR: you will have 100+ written questions, to answer in the time of 120 Minutes + 30 Minutes for non-native speakers With the ENARSI: 60+ written questions, to answer in the time of 90 Minutes + 30 Minutes for non-native speakers *Both the exams can be taken on-site or from home/office *Both the exams do not support backward navigation *Each exam alone grants a different badge/certificate  

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