Ansible Basics for Network Engineers

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Created by Omar Adil
Last updated Sat, 14-Jan-2023
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Course overview

Your first automation tool for Networking environments can be Ansiblee!.

This course starts with “What is Ansible?”, explains the use cases, then moves forward to set up a virtual environment for Ansible, eventually, you will be able to construct a simple Ansible Network Automation Playbook for managing Networking devices.

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Alongside the videos, you will get course slides for headlines and notes of the topics, Codes, and scripts files as well in the GitHub repo.

Students are placed in a study group with the instructors, so they collaborate whenever they need it!

Target Audience for Ansible Basics training:

  • Students who would like to start developing their Network Automation (Part of DevNet-DevOps) skillset.
  • Those who operate networks with Cisco DEVNET, Fortinet, And Juniper Technologies.
  • What will i learn?

    • Ansible Introduction
    • Ansible Component
    • Ansible Engine
    • RHEL & VMware virtual lab setup
    • Basic Ansible Setup
    • Construct your first playbook


    • Basic Networking background such as CCNA level - Simple concept about programmability and automation


    10 Lessons 02:18:17 Hours
    Ansible Basics for Network Engineers Course Introduction
    1 Lessons 00:08:48 Hours
    • Ansible Basics for Network Engineers Course Introduction
      Preview 00:08:48
    • Ansible Fundamentals - Ansible Concept
      Preview 00:13:26
    • Ansible Fundamentals - VM Preparation
    • Ansible Fundamentals - VM Installation
    • Ansible Fundamentals - Ansible_VSCode install and Integrate
    • Ansible Fundamentals - Ansible Inventory
    • Ansible Fundamentals - Inventory Setup
    • Ansible Fundamentals - Ansible Configs with EVE-NG
    • Ansible Fundamentals - First PlayBook
    • Ansible Basics for Network Engineers Workbook
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