Basics of Routing with JunOS Course

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Created by Sajjad Ghaffoori
Last updated Mon, 01-Aug-2022
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Course overview

The basic theory of broadcast domains and domains and the need in some cases to share data between domains will require routing and forwarding, which will be the core concept of this course, later, many different features of JunOS tools will be discussed and implemented to validate filtering, modifying, forwarding, of packets, and there effect on the Routing Table of the JunOS operating system.

This course represents the Second half of the resources that you will use to prepare for the latest version of Juniper Networks Certified Network Associate, JNCIA-JunOS JN0-104. 

For a complete practice on JNCIA Junos JN0-104, refer to our course “Network Fundamentals with JunOS”

Alongside the videos, you will get course Slides, for headlines and exam preparation, and tutorials on methodologies to use for hands-on practice. Students are placed in a study group with the instructors, so they collaborate whenever they need it!

Target Audience for this Training:

  • Those who would like to Learn Routing and Filtering with JunOS
  • Those who operate networks with Juniper Networks Appliances

What will i learn?

  • Routing Fundamentals
  • Routing Policies & Firewall Filters


  • Willing to Learn


16 Lessons 02:43:58 Hours
Basics of Routing with Junos Course Introduction [Sample Video]
1 Lessons 00:08:45 Hours
  • Basics of Routing with JunOS - Course Introduction
    Preview 00:08:45
Basics of Routing with Junos - Routing Fundamentals
7 Lessons 01:23:12 Hours
  • Basics of Routing
    Preview 00:10:17
  • Tables with JunOS
    Preview 00:11:16
  • Route Types with RT and FT
  • Routes and Instances on vMX
  • Static Route with Loopbacks
  • Qualified-Next Hops Scenarios
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols on JunOS
Basics of Routing with Junos - Routing Policies & Firewalls
7 Lessons 01:12:01 Hours
  • JunOS Routing Policy
  • Routing Policies Structure
  • Matching Criteria
  • Preifx Lists & Router-Filters
  • Firewall Filters
  • Filtering packet on JunOS
  • Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding
Basics of Routing with Junos Course Workbook
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Basics of Routing with Junos Course Slides

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