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CCNP CORE SCOR 350-701 Course By Sikandar Shaik

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  • Last updated Sat, 25-Nov-2023
  • English
  • Certified Course

Overview of CCNP CORE SCOR 350-701 Course By Sikandar Shaik

This exam tests your knowledge of implementing and operating core security technologies, including:

  • Network security
  • Cloud Security
  • Content security
  • Endpoint protection and detection
  • Secure network access
  • Visibility and enforcement
  • SDN and Network Automation Concepts

Software and networking become more and more interconnected every day.

Security teams can take advantage of automation to scale their security solutions.

Today’s security professionals need a broader range of skills and a deeper focus on strategic technology areas.

The new CCNP Security certification program gives you precisely that breadth and depth.


Requirements for CCNP CORE SCOR 350-701 Course By Sikandar Shaik

About instructor

Sikandar Shaik

Sikandar Shaik, a Triple CCIE (ENT/SP/SEC # 35012), is a highly experienced and extremely driven senior technical instructor and network consultant.He has been training in networki...

  • Total Time32:28:20 Hours
  • Study Group Participation
  • Acces the Content Anywhere, Anytime
  • Certificate of Completion - Signed by Orhan Ergun
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