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Encryption Fundamentals Course

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  • Last updated Fri, 15-Mar-2024
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Overview of Encryption Fundamentals Course

This course is all about encryption! What would you do if you ever wanted to send a message secretly to another person?

You would say it in a way that a man in the middle (an eavesdropper, a nosy parker, anyone interested in your affairs, …) could not understand it!

For them, what you say seems to be a bunch of jibberation! (I know, this is not a real word, but Eminem used it, right!)

There are such things in the computer world and communications can be ciphered in a way that no one can understand and modify your conversation with the other parties.

We will describe the process in this course so that you will know the process, use cases, pros and cons of each algorithm, etc.

Target Audience for this Training:

  • Those who would like to understand how encryption works
  • Those who would like to further increase their knowledge about security
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Requirements for Encryption Fundamentals Course

About instructor

Mohammad Imani
CISCO & MICROSOFT INSTRUCTOR Cisco ACI Switching Routing MPLS Cisco ISE IP Services System Management Windows Server

I have trained more than 1200 direct and 45000 online students for CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Routing and Switching courses.  I started as a Microsoft guy (like most of network experts...

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