EVE-NG Basics Course

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Created by Navid Yahyapour
Last updated Wed, 21-Dec-2022
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Course overview

Nowadays, Every Network, Security, DevOps, etc… Engineer should know how to work with the Network Emulating software such as GNS3 and EVE-NG.

The EVE-NG is the most popular Network Emulating Software in the industry and the goal of this course is to get you familiar with EVE-NG, starting from:

What is an Emulator? What is the difference between it and a Simulator? How to get and deploy it for Free.

Then the course continues with Adding the Nodes to the EVE and use them inside the Lab; talking about designing tools and tips, how to bring the Internet connection to the Lab and many more….

What will i learn?

  • What is EVE-NG and why do you need it?
  • Network Simultor (Packet Tracer/NetSim) vs Emulator (GNS3/EVE-NG)
  • What can you do with EVE-NG, which devices can be emulated inside a Lab
  • Dynamips vs IOL vs QEMU based nodes
  • EVE-NG Step by Step installation
  • Adding nodes to the empty EVE-NG
  • Creating a Basic Topology
  • Telnet and VNC to the console of Nodes
  • Providing Internet Access (And Physical Network Access) to the Labs inside EVE-NG
  • Designing Tools: Shapes and Texts in EVE-NG
  • Designing a complex, understandable and colorful OSPF lab (Step by Step)
  • Setting up Interface Labels
  • Mapping a Topology picture (PNG, JPG Image) to the Lab nodes
  • Exporting and Importing the Labs
  • Wireshark and EVE-NG Communication and Capturing links with it


  • Willing to learn how to design an understandable and nice looking Topology in an emulator


15 Lessons 03:48:29 Hours
EVE-NG Basics Course Introduction
2 Lessons 00:18:39 Hours
  • EVE-NG Basics - What is EVE-NG
    Preview 00:13:29
  • EVE-NG Basics - Course Introduction
    Preview 00:05:10
  • EVE-NG Basics - Emulator vs Simulator
  • EVE-NG Basics - EVE-NG Installation
  • EVE-NG Basics - Dynamips vs IOL vs Qemu nodes
  • EVE-NG Basics - Adding Node Images to the EVE-NG
  • EVE-NG Basics - Connecting to Console of Nodes
  • EVE-NG Basics - Creating a Simple Lab
  • EVE-NG Basics - Using Shapes and Texts in a Lab
  • EVE-NG Basics - Exporting and Importing the Labs
  • EVE-NG Basics - Providing Internet Access to the Lab
  • EVE-NG Basics - Mapping a Topology Picture to the Lab
  • EVE-NG Basics - Capturing the Links with WireShark
  • EVE-NG Basics - Designing a Lab - Step by Step - Part 1
  • EVE-NG Basics - Designing a Lab - Step by Step - Part 2
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