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Information Security Foundations Complete Course

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  • Last updated Sun, 10-Sep-2023
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Overview of Information Security Foundations Complete Course

The Information Security Foundations Complete Course is a comprehensive and in-depth program designed to provide learners with a solid understanding of the fundamental principles, concepts, and best practices in information security. In today's interconnected world, where data breaches and cyber threats are becoming increasingly prevalent, it is essential for individuals and organizations to have a strong foundation in information security to safeguard their sensitive information and systems.

This course offers a structured and systematic approach to learning information security, catering to both beginners and professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in this critical field. Through a combination of theoretical explanations, practical examples, and hands-on exercises, participants will gain the necessary expertise to protect digital assets, mitigate risks, and implement effective security measures.


Requirements for Information Security Foundations Complete Course

  • Computer Systems: Understanding the basic components of computer systems, including hardware, operating systems, and software.
  • Networking: Knowledge of fundamental networking concepts, such as IP addressing, protocols (e.g., TCP/IP), and network architecture.
  • Information Technology: Familiarity with general IT concepts, including file systems, databases, and cloud computing.

About instructor

Ahmed Elhefny
Advanced Educator Security Networking IPv6 IPv4

I am an information Security professional, and IT Master degree researcher, with interest in AI, ML, deep fake and semantic web (Web3) and their challenges. I am passionate with ne...


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