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IOS-XE vs. JunOS CLI Course

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  • Last updated Wed, 02-Aug-2023
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Overview of IOS-XE vs. JunOS CLI Course

Two of the Networking world's most used and common operating systems from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks are the IOSXE and the JunOS OS, we will discover them for the first time, and we’ll try to achieve many identical on both of the OS by comparing what we needed to do in order to have a unified ending.

Alongside the videos, you will get course Slides, and you’ll be placed in a study group with the instructors, so they collaborate whenever they need it!

Target Audience for this Training:

  • Students who would like to learn the Basics of Command Line Interfaces
  • Those who operate networks with both IOS-XE and JunOS

Requirements for IOS-XE vs. JunOS CLI Course

  • Willing to Learn

About instructor

Sajjad Ghaffoori
Advanced Educator

Senior Network Instructor, Certified as CCNP-ENT, CCDevA, JNCIP-ENT||DCSpecialized in Enterprise Networking, Routing, and Automation


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