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MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) Zero to Hero Course

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  • Last updated Fri, 15-Mar-2024
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Overview of MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) Zero to Hero Course

MPLS TE Training covers all the aspects of the MPLS Traffic Engineering capabilities and principles.

MPLS TE is the process of steering traffic across to the backbone to facilitate efficient use of available bandwidth between routers. MPLS TE Training also covers deploying MPLS Traffic Engineering designs. It focuses on the features of most of the available routers and advanced technologies. It also covers network design, system configuration, and troubleshooting.

MPLS The training is a self-paced training that provides attendees with in-depth knowledge and skills needed to implement MPLS Traffic Engineering: topics include an introduction to Open Shortest Path First- Traffic Engineering (OSPF-TE), Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) and features such as Fast Re-route. Advanced topics include administrative groups, LSP primary/ Secondary path selection, and troubleshooting.

MPLS Traffic Engineering Training Course covers many vital aspects of MPLS TE, including:

  • MPLS Traffic Engineering Principals
  • Benefits and Restrictions
  • Why Use MPLS Traffic Engineering?
  • How MPLS Traffic Engineering Works
  • Traffic Engineering Techniques in MPLS 
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering Mapping Traffic into Tunnels
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering Special Cases and Exceptions
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering Configuration Case Studies
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering Related Features and Technologies

Upon completion of this course, you'll learn:

  • What MPLS Traffic Engineering is, and why is it used
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering benefits and restrictions
  • How MPLS Traffic Engineering Works
  • MPLS peer-to-peer architecture, label definition and allocation, routing update distribution, and packet forwarding model
  • How MPLS implements traffic engineering and constraint-based path and routes
  • How to Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot MPLS Carrier, including MPLS Traffic Engineering architecture
  • How to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot Layer 2 services over MPLS
  • Configuring RSVP-based Tunnels
  • Configuring IS-IS and OSPF for MPLS Traffic Engineering
  • Configuring an MPLS Traffic Engineering Tunnel
  • Configuring an MPLS Traffic Engineering Tunnel to be Used by an IGP
  • Example of an MPLS Traffic Engineering Tunnel Configuration


Requirements for MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) Zero to Hero Course

About instructor

Arash Deljoo
Cisco Network Instructor with more than 10 years of Experience

Experienced Cisco Engineer & Instructor with a history of working in the National Network & Communication Industries

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