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Network Assurance and Management Course

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  • Last updated Wed, 02-Aug-2023
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  • Certified Course

Overview of Network Assurance and Management Course

This course provides a detailed explanation of the Monitoring and Device Administration protocols and how to deploy them in the real world.

The Protocols such as SNMP, Syslog, NetFlow, and IPFIX. All these technologies will be deployed step by step in the Virtual Environment to get a deep understanding of how they work.

All students will get EVE-NG-based Labs in order to do self practices as well.

The course contains Cisco SD-Access assurance and Network Telemetry step-by-step explanation in order to help you get an understanding of DNA-C robust Assurance features.

Then we will go through Cisco’s Viptela SD-WAN monitoring on vManages that are clustered including redundant and High Available controllers as well as vEdge and cEdge devices.

There are really good troubleshooting tools coming with vManage in order to help the Network administrators Monitor and Troubleshoot their SD-WAN Fabric.

We will talk about MPLS and Segment-Routing OAM as well, which is helping you troubleshoot your LSPs, FEC, and SR policies, with MPLS Ping and MPLS Trace as well as SR Nil-FEC. Also, as with all our other courses, students of this course are placed in our Study Group.

So, when you have any technical questions, you can ask the Instructors directly, which is one of the biggest benefits of our courses. It is not a Forum, it is a Live, Study Group with thousands of people!

Course Outline (Includes Explanation/Comparison/Implementation):


  • Different Versions (v1, 2c and 3)
  • Main Components (NMS and SNMP Agent)
  • Message types (SET, GET, Trap and Inform)
  • MIB and Object-IDs
  • Security Levels of SNMP v3 (NoAuthNoPriv, AuthNoPriv, AuthPriv)
  • Configuration on both IOS-XE and IOS-XR
  • Implementing different NMS (Zabbix, PRTG and Cacti)


  • NetFlow v9 vs IPFIX
  • Configuration on Cisco and Non-Cisco devices
  • Implementing ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer


  • Logging Targets
  • Syslog Messages, Severities and Facilities
  • Configuration on IOS-XE and IOS-XR
  • Implementing Solarwinds Kiwi Syslog Server

Device Administration:

  • What is AAA and why we need it
  • Implementing Cisco ISE 3.0 and do the device Admin configuration (Step by Step)
  • AAA Configuration (For device admin) on IOS-XE and IOS-XR

MPLS and Segment-Routing OAM:

  • What is MPLS, SR OAM and why we need it
  • MPLS Ping
  • MPLS Trace
  • SR Policies and Nil-FEC
  • Testing on both IOS-XE and IOS-XR

Cisco SD-Access Assurance:

  • Walkthrough the DNA-Center Assurance and NDP engine
  • Enabling Network Telemetry on the Edge devices for Fabric

Cisco SD-WAN Monitoring:

  • Monitoring the Controllers and Edge devices on vManage
  • Troubleshooting and Path verification tools for Fabric


Requirements for Network Assurance and Management Course

About instructor

Navid Yahyapour
Instructor at Orhan Ergun, LLC Network Consultancy and Training

Instructor at Orhan Ergun, LLC Network Consultancy and TrainingSpecialized in Routing, Switching, Enterprise and Service Provider Certification Trainings. 

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