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BGP Training

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  • Last updated Fri, 05-Jul-2024
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Overview of BGP Training

Course Outline:

The BGP Course will cover the topics below from theory, design, and hands-on lab perspectives. This is by far the most comprehensive and Expert-level BGP course in the world. 

       BGP Basics  Why BGP, Autonomous Systems

       BGP Best Path Selection

       BGP Monitoring Protocol - BMP

       EBGP – Basics of EBGP

       EBGP Traffic Engineering  Inbound and Outbound

       GAO  Rexford Model  Inter-domain Policies for Business Economics 

       EBGP Multipath, IBGP Multipath and EIBGP Multipath

       Inter-domain routing – Settlement Free Peering, Partial Peering, Remote Peering and IP Transit

       BGP Route Servers and the Looking Glasses 

       ISP Tiers  Tier 1 , 2 , 3 Type Providers

       IBGP – Basics of IBGP

       BGP Route Reflectors

       Route Reflector Design Options

       Centralized vs. Distributed, Inline and Offline Route Reflector Design

       BGP Add-Path , BGP Shadow Route Reflectors/Distributing Diverse Paths  and Shadow Sessions 

       Unique RD per VRF per PE Approach for path distribution

       Comparison between BGP Add-path, Shadow RR, Shadow Sessions and Unique RD per VRF per PE

       BGP RT  Route Target Constraint

       BGP Optimal Route Reflection – ISP Case Study 

       BGP Confederations and Confederation Design

       Full mesh IBGP vs. Route Reflector vs. Confederation

       Full mesh IBGP to BGP RR Migration


       BGP – IGP Interactions – Blackhole avoidance

       BGP – MPLS Interactions 

       BGP LU – Labeled Unicast  RFC 3107 , RFC 8277

       BGP LS – BGP Link State 

       BGP EPE  Egress Peer Engineering  Traditional EPE and Modern Egress Peer Engineering with EPE/SDN Controller

       BGP RTBH , Source and Destination based Remotely Triggered Blackholing and Scrubbing for DDOS mitigation with BGP

       BGP Flowspec  RFC 5575

       BGP Session Culling and Alternative Approaches , OXC 

       BGP Graceful Restart, BGP Graceful Shutdown and BGP Administrative Shutdown Communication 

       AIGP – Accumulated IGP Metric Attribute for BGP 

       BGP MED vs. AIGP 

       EBGP Default Route Propagation Behavior without Policies– RFC 8212 

       BGP Information Security – 6 Different Types BGP Route Leaks

       512K Incident Types 6 BGP Route Leak Contribution to it! 

       BGP Information Security - Sub-Prefix Hijacking, Exact Prefix Hijacking , IP Squatting , Path-Shortening, Prefix Filters, IRR , RPSL , RPKI  Resource Public Key Infrastructure, PeeringDB,  BGPSEC , Origin and Path Validation, AS-Cones , ASPA

       BGP in the Datacenter

       BGP in the Wide Area Networks

       Flat, Hierarchical and Generalized FIB Architecture and impact on BGP Prefix Independent Convergence

       BGP PIC – Prefix Independent Convergence , BGP PIC Core and BGP PIC Edge

       Case Studies

       BGP vs. IGP Comparison

       BGP in the CCIE , CCDE exam


       BGP Quiz  BGP Questions and the Answers

       - Bonus - BGP vs. other Hyper Scale Datacenter Routing Protocol Comparisons : RIFT , Open Fabric and BGP SPF  

What is the target audience?

  • Network Engineers, Designers, Solution Architects
  • This workshop will be helpful for many exam certifications such as CCNP, CCIE, CCDP, and CCDE.
Enrolling in this course gives you exclusive access to our vibrant study group, where you can engage in enriching technical discussions, collaborate on labs, and get answers to your questions from peers and experts. This collaborative environment sets us apart from other training providers, who often offer solitary, independent study options. By joining our study group, you'll enhance your learning experience through collective problem-solving, hands-on lab work, shared insights, and a supportive community. Elevate your learning journey with us and thrive in a network of like-minded learners!


Requirements for BGP Training

About instructor

Orhan Ergun
CCIE/CCDE Trainer, Author of Many Networking Books, Network Design Advisor, and Cisco Champion 2019/2020/2021 Cisco Fortinet Network Design ccie ccde ccie enterprise ccie service provider sdn sdwan sda campus design wan design routing protocols CCNP CCNA Security datacenter wireless mobile networks

He created OrhanErgun.Net 10 years ago and has been serving the IT industry with his renowned and awarded training. Wrote many books, mostly on Network Design, joined many IETF RFC...

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