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Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training

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About the course

This is a Self-Paced CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training Program v1.0 which covers all you need to pass the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab exam. Many people have passed the CCIE Enterprise exam with this course for a couple of years already.

If you are looking for Instructor interaction, then we recommend you to check our Instructor-Led CCIE Enterprise Bootcamp as well. If you attend that, this course comes for free with it.

If you have CCNA-level knowledge, you can start CCIE training with our program because this course is around 150 hours and start from the CCNA level and goes into the very advanced topics as well.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure training will not only cover traditional technologies and the new SDWAN, SDA, and Network Programmability topics but also will cover the topics which are out of the scope of the exam, such as Layer 2 VPNs, EVPN, Segment Routing, IS-IS Routing Protocols, and so on.

Technologies are covered from theory, design, and lab aspects in this CCIE course. Design is very critical anymore for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam. Unlike the old version which is CCIE Routing and Switching, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 Exam comes with 40% of the exam as a Design module, which is 3 hours scenario-based (Similar to the CCDE Exam). With 8 years of CCDE training experience, in this course, Orhan Ergun will teach all the technologies from the design perspective too.

You will be well prepared for the CCIE Enterprise exam, but also you will learn real-life network deployment solutions, tips, and tricks from real Network Architects.

Although this is a Self Paced course, all students are placed in the same study group with the other CCIE Enterprise Training students and Orhan Ergun leads this group.


  • 150 hours of CCIE Enterprise Course Videos
  • Config files/Labs (EVE-NG Both Community and Pro Versions)
  • Software images
  • CCIE Enterprise Workbook
  • Network Design Charts
  • Networking MindMaps
  • CCIE Quizzes are all free with this course.

Also, although this CCIE course is targeted at self-learning. Orhan Ergun and his other instructors will help you in a study group!

Why CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training from Orhan Ergun

There are unique reasons why you should get this training from Orhan Ergun

  • This is the most complete CCIE Enterprise training, many vendor either don’t cover Network Automation or Programmability or just covers the basic Python knowledge that you can find from anywhere!. Automation and Programmability part of this course exactly covers each and every topics of the CCIE Enterprise exam
  • 40% of the exam is design and Orhan Ergun has been teaching network design since many years and 100+ people passed even CCDE Practical exam with him
  • In this training ,We will demonstrate over 150 individual and 1 Mock-Lab that comes with many technologies combined for better understanding the technologies and the passing the exam
  • Study group and one to one mentorship for each student, similar to what Orhan has been doing for his CCDE students for many years
  • Workbooks , thousands of pages study materials , definitely will be much more than any of his competitor in the world
  • Investment Protection – If you would like to attend the Instructor-Led version of this training, the cost that you pay to this course is deducted from the Instrcutor-Led Training cost

What is the target audience?

  • The primary audience for this course is network engineers that need be able to use an expert-level problem-solving process that includes options analysis to support complex network technologies and topologies.
  • The secondary audience is network designers that design and support complex network technologies and topologies


    • There are no formal prerequisites for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, but you should have a thorough understanding of the exam topics before taking the exam.

CCNP Level knowledge is enough to attend this CCIE training.

For More info [email protected]

Please contact [email protected] for group or corporate trainings and any other non-technical topics.

You can take the course now and access all the resources immediately.

You will have lifetime access, there is no subscription recharges!

CCIE Enterprise infrastructure lab topology

Photo: CCIE Enterprise infrastructure lab topology

145 hours
218 Lessons



  • Watch over 145 hours CCIE Enterprise Blueprint Topic Video
  • Take CCIE Course Lesson Quizzes
  • Watch 200+ CCIE Practical Labs
  • Over 6000+ Pages Training Materials
  • Free Orhan Ergun’s CCIE Enterprise Workbook
  • You will be placed in a study group with thousands of other CCIE and CCDE level engineers
  • Learn with your own Pace
  • Access the Content Anywhere, Anytime

What is CCIE Enterprise exam code?

Cisco CCIE Enterprise has two exams. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Written exam, exam code is 350-401 ENCOR Exam. On the website we have an ENCOR Course that you can start immediately. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 Lab Exam, code is CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Practical, Lab exam. Numbering is not used for the Lab exams.

How Much CCIE Enterprise Certification Costs?

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab/Practical Exam cost, price is $1600.
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Written Exam, Encor exam fee is $450
Thus, in total if you want to get CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certificate, by having your CCIE number, you need to pay around $2000 for the exams. Of course if you can pass both exams in your first attempt. With our CCIE Enterprise and ENCOR courses, we can help you to pass these exams in your first attempt.

What are the topics of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam?

Network Infrastructure which is 30% of the exam questions.
Software Defined Infrastructure, which is SD-WAN Viptela and SDA, DNAC etc. and 25% of the exam will be based on these technologies. Transport Technologies and Solutions will be covering MPLS and DMVPN and will be around 15% of the exam. Infrastructure Security and Services will cover many technologies, Quality of Service, Network Management, Network Assurance, Multicast and many technologies here and will be 15% of the exam. Infrastructure Automation and Programmability will be 15% ss well and will cover XML, JSON, Python, vManage API, Rest API, DNA Center API, Netconf, Restconf and many other Network Automation topics. All of them and even more, such as MPLS L2 VPNs, many labs, full scale CCIE Enterprise Lab, you can have it in our 150 hours of CCIE Enterprise Course.

How do I Prepare for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Written Exam?

For the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Written exam, newly named as ENCOR exam, we definitely recommend you to take our CCNP ENCOR Course. In addition to that, CCNP ENARSI course, Python for Network Engineers Course will be useful as well. When you take any of our courses, you will be mentored by our course instructor and also you will be added into our study group where thousands of our students collaborate. Also, please note that, although ENCOR is a written exam, for better learning experience, our courses come with many hands-on labs, workbooks and code snippets.

How much does a CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure make?

CCIE Enterprise certified people salary changes based on many criteria, but based on the country in which they live, based on the number of years of experience, based on the company that they work and the position in the company. It can start today from $2500 and can go up to $15000.
When we consider these salaries, we should take the living cost of the country into an account as well. But, based on thousands of our students’ feedback, we are seeing some of the talented people with the CCIE Enterprise certified, only make 2500-3000 USD/month, and some less experienced but CCIE Enterprise certified people make more than 10000 USD/month.
Probably the most important factor for this is the country where they live. You can read our CCIE Salary post on the website for more insight on this topic.

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