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Created by Johnpaul Chukwujekwu
Last updated Mon, 01-Aug-2022
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Course overview

In this Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) course, you will learn how to upgrade Check Point Security Gateways and Security Management Servers using both Advanced Database Migration and the Check Point Upgrade Service Engine (CPUSE) techniques.

You would also learn how to apply patches and hotfixes.

You would understand the Firewall Kernel, Packet Flow, and Chain Modules and also understand how to automate tasks using the Management API, how to deploy and synchronize a secondary SMS, how to perform Load Sharing amongst Security Gateways, how to accelerate and improve Gateway performance using SecureXL and CoreXL.

You would further learn how to utilize SmartEvent in detecting, remediating, and preventing security threats.

You would understand the workflow of the SmartEvent components i.e., the Log Server, Correlation Unit, and SmartEvent Server.

You would deploy Remote Access VPN using both IPSec and SSL VPN protocols, install VPN Clients and SSL Network Extender, create tunnels and also utilize the Mobile Access Software Blade in ensuring secure communication and data exchange. Lastly, you would understand Threat Prevention, and how the IPS, Antibot, and Antivirus Blades can protect the network from attacks.

You would also understand how SandBlast, Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction combinedly work in preventing security incidents

What will i learn?

  • Upgrade the GAIA Operating System from R77.x to R80.x and higher versions using the Advanced Database Migration technique
  • Upgrade the GAIA OS from R80.x to higher versions using the CPUSE
  • Understand how to apply various Jumbo hotfixes and hotfix accumulators.
  • Understand the CheckPoint Firewall Infrastructure, the Firewall Kernel, Packet Flow,Chain Modules and Check Point processes.
  • Understand automation and orchestration using the Check Point Management API.
  • Use the Management API command line tools in creating objects, security policies etc.
  • Understand Load Sharing (Active-Active) ClusterXL Deployment, VRRP and VMAC.
  • Understand Security Management Server High Availability. How synchronization (Full Sync and Delta Sync) works between the Primary and Secondary SMS.
  • Understand SecureXL, Packet Acceleration, Session Rate Acceleration, Connection Templates, Packet Flow etc.
  • Understand the workflow of the SmartEvent components i.e., the Log Server, Correlation Unit and SmartEvent Server.
  • Understand how to utilize SmartEvent in detecting, remediating and preventing security threats
  • Understand how to deploy Remote Access VPN solutions.
  • Understand how the Check Point Capsule components work
  • Understand how the Mobile Access Software Blade is utilized in ensuring secure communication and data exchange.
  • Understand Threat Prevention and how the IPS, Antibot and Antivirus Blades protect the network from serious attacks.
  • Understand how SandBlast, Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction combinedly work in preventing security incidents.


  • CCSA training/certification.


30 Lessons 13:05:42 Hours
Check Point Security Expert Course Introduction
1 Lessons 00:19:08 Hours
  • Check Point CCSE Course Introduction
    Preview 00:19:08
Check Point CCSE Course - Theory and Design Videos
14 Lessons 05:17:45 Hours
  • CCSE - Upgrading Gaia
  • CCSE - Hotfixes
  • CCSE.- Command Line Shell
  • CCSE - Advanced Firewall
  • CCSE - Manual NAT
  • CCSE - Management API
  • CCSE - Advanced ClusterXL
  • CCSE - SecureXL
  • CCSE - CoreXL
  • CCSE - SmartEvent
  • CCSE - Remote Access VPN
  • CCSE - Mobile Access
  • CCSE - Threat Prevention
  • CCSE - SandBlast
Check Point CCSE Course - Lab Videos
14 Lessons 07:28:49 Hours
  • CCSE Lab - GAIA Upgrade pt1
  • CCSE Lab - GAIA Upgrade pt2
  • CCSE Lab - Hotfixes
  • CCSE Lab - Command Line Shell
  • CCSE Lab - Manual NAT
  • CCSE Lab - Management API
  • CCSE Lab - Advanced ClusterXL
  • CCSE Lab - SecureXL
  • CCSE Lab - CoreXL
  • CCSE Lab - SmartEvent
  • CCSE Lab - Remote Access VPN
  • CCSE Lab - Mobile Access
  • CCSE Lab - Threat Prevention
  • CCSE Lab - SandBlast
CCSE Course Resources
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • CCSE Course Resources

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