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GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation Course

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  • Last updated Sat, 25-Nov-2023
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Overview of GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation Course

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects organizations in Europe that collect personal data about individuals.

Penalties can reach up to 4% of worldwide revenue or up to €20 million for non-compliant companies. There is an ever growing global demand and need for employees to know at least the basics of privacy and data protection and the meaning of these in their daily practices. This comprehensive course will provide you with the required knowledge and tools to identify GDPR requirements, analyze the gaps within your organization, and create a roadmap to becoming confident in processing personal data in compliance with GDPR.

The course will also equip you to become a data protection officer who can confidently monitor an organization’s data protection compliance and advise on its data protection obligations.


There is so much to learn in this course:

  1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Structure

  2. UK vs EU GDPR

  3. Data Protection Principles

  4. Data Subjects Rights

  5. Data Protection Officer Role

  6. Creation and Analysis of GDPR Compliance Program

  7. Privacy by Design

  8. Penalties and Fines

  9. Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

  10. Incident Management Process

  11. GDPR Monitoring Compliance

  12. GDPR Audit Process

  13. Continual Improvement

  14. GDPR Cloud Storage Requirements

  15. Free GDPR Implementation Toolkit and Resources

  16. And a lot more...


Enrolling in this course gives you exclusive access to our vibrant study group, where you can engage in enriching technical discussions, collaborate on labs, and get answers to your questions from peers and experts. This collaborative environment sets us apart from other training providers, who often offer solitary, independent study options. By joining our study group, you'll enhance your learning experience through collective problem-solving, hands-on lab work, shared insights, and a supportive community. Elevate your learning journey with us and thrive in a network of like-minded learners!

Requirements for GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation Course

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As a CISO responsible for both IT and OT, my goal is to ensure the secure and reliable operation of all technology systems within the organization. With extensive experience in cyb...

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