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DEVASC Study Resources and Plan

DEVASC Exam for DEVNET Associate

DEVASC Study Resources and Plan are available and detailed in the course of DEVASC 200-901 on out website.

DEVASC Course and study plan

The exam is not simple or foundational level, it is as always with Cisco, starts with you from scratch.

up to a solid level where you are capable of discussing and implementing a solution.

so studying and preparing should be careful and detailed as well.

Even though the exam is considered a Written one, but preparation are almost 30% written only

and by that i mean theoretical parts where you only get some concepts and leave, no implementations.

SO 70% of the preparation should be practical, coding and validating a lot, constructing and encoding requests

to communicate and work with Cisco platforms remotely.

DEVASC and how to Study

studying should be by constructing and validating every code for every request and platform of Cisco mentioned in the exam agenda.

Constructing and sending API’s and requests will be by using:

  • Postman with XML, JSON, and YAML
  • CURL request using Git Bash CLI
  • Python Scripts from Python IDLE

Validating the results will always be through the same construction and pushing platform mentioned above.

Platforms are the once provided for FREE by Cisco through their Sandbox, and with the agenda request, it might be up to

30 different platform from Cisco to practice on.

DEVASC Study tips to consider

DO NOT study a code by “EYEs” only, this is very incorrect and probably will get you in a situation in the exam.

when you will have to fill in the blanks a missing code, or you will have to drag and drop the code components in the correct

order so that the code will work properly.

ALSO something worth mentioning, in the course you will study how to authenticate to a platform, before starting to

work with, and sending and receiving the requests and commands.

STILL, the exam is mainly a written one, so understanding the theories and concepts is very important to answer and PASS.


Enjoy and get Certified
Sajjad Ghaffoori


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